Fond Food Memories...

Runnermadre Posts: 267 Member
Everyone has a memory related to food that just makes you warm inside, so I thought we could share them here. :-)

I'll start. Every time I smell boiled potatoes, raw onions, or tuna I think of eating lunch at my grandparents' house where these items were staples. I also remember when my grandma taught me how to make homemade egg noodles. Hers were the best!!


  • david581c
    david581c Posts: 337
    The time i was making a sandwich, then completed it by putting the second piece of bread on,...then i remember thinking, "why stop there?" and i proceeded to make my first triple decker bacon, turkey, lettuce, tomato and egg sandwich @ the tender age of 8.

    Also the time when i discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch.
  • inufan4evar
    inufan4evar Posts: 73 Member
    When i would come home from school when i was in the 3rd grade and my mom was making lasagna and i could smell the meat and cheese mixed together. :) Ahhhhh i miss being soyoung
  • EVERY time I make no-bake cookies I think of my grandma. She used to babysit me a lot when I was little because I had a single dad who worked a lot. We made these at least weekly, of not more! She is still alive, but she isn't able to get around great anymore so we rarely do this anymore, but it just makes me happy making them every time :)