What is your favorite workout music? (:



  • asgard825
    asgard825 Posts: 1,516 Member
  • Anything with a great, faster beat to it.

    Few of my current favs:

    Feelin' Good - Flow Rida
    No Heaven - DJ Champion
    Keep On Ridin' - DJ Champion
    Alive Again - DJ Champion
    I like how it feels - Enrique
    A few of Madonna's songs - hung up, sorry, new york
  • inufan4evar
    inufan4evar Posts: 73 Member
    I listen to anything mainly upbeat or fast. I listen to Japanese pop or J rock or anything heavy metal or funny :)
  • thatsnumberwang
    thatsnumberwang Posts: 398 Member
    Girl Talk. Especially from the Feed the Animals album.
  • 81Kyra
    81Kyra Posts: 115
    The Misfits,or Bad Religion Pandora station...Oh yeah and Bill Haley or Buddy Holly.
  • ActorGirl1476
    ActorGirl1476 Posts: 221 Member
    Anything Hip-Hop. Eminem, and Michael Jackson, and Black Eyed Peas... It varies but usually as long as it's upbeat it works.
  • Cobra Starship. They always get me moving.
  • hey for anyone who likes dubstep:

    Old song, but it's so gooood to work out to since it goes from upbeat to moderate and back to upbeat. Everytime it gets back to upbeat I just feel like i'm starting the workout all over again and I get re.. pumped-up? hahahah (: