• Hi;
    I have had hashimoto's since I was eight. I have struggled with weight and am also looking for ideas of how to lose it. Add me as a friend if you want, we can come up with ideas together! Good Luck with everything.
  • I've had hypothyroidsim since I was 5. My medication is pretty regulated and I just try to eat at the same time each day and eat as many vegetables as I can with each meal. I do like to exercise little amounts throughout the day (15 minutes in the morning on my elliptical, Brisk walk during lunch and 15 minutes on my elliptical before bed) to boost my metabolism. If I eat right and exercise I haven't noticed anymore difficulty than what I see others on here have with losing weight. I think regardless of what disease you have its going to be hard to loose weight. Add me if you like :) Good luck on your goals I know you can do it!!!
    Big hugs, Rebekah
  • I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2006 and subsequently had my whole thyroid removed. So obviously I am now "hypothyroid" and they watch my tsh levels closely. While hypothyroidism can impact weight loss to some degree, it doesn't mean that it isn't possible. I have lost sixty pounds since 2007, and how I did it was watching my calories and exercising daily. I do not do anything differently than anyone else, because of my hypothyroidism....so don't give up!

    I was diagnosed with hypothryoidism 12 years ago....have struggled with my weight for 12 years! Discovered it just takes watching my calories and exercising daily! I have been on MFP for almost a year and have lost close to 50 lbs by just doing that...paying close attention to calories and exercise!!
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    Hi- I am new to MFP- sort of stumbled across it on my iphone some time ago but never really explored it. I too am hypothyroid and was diagnosed back in the summer (after feeling like I was going crazy). I am feeling better with the synthroid although not sure it is the right dosage yet. My last blood test was back in the normal range so Dr. didn't do any adjusting. I was on a different weight loss site that charged a fee but decided to drop it to save money. I was successful on it and then came the holidays and I am afraid I was not a good girl! I had lost 30 lb since May but then gained back 8 over Christmas. I am back in the groove and hopefully with the help of this site I will resume my weight loss success. I still have approx 50# to lose but I know I can do it!
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    I don't have a thyroid... I found this website the other day pretty interesting hope it may help someone! I currently take 125mcg thyroxine.
    This site has been my saving grace....I have been off Synthroid for almost a year now and feel so much better now that I am on Armour. This ladies journey is amazing, her recent radio interview was on Facebook, and that was very interesting....good luck to all of you.
  • I was diagnosed with Hashi's two years ago. I have issues with Vitamin D. I have not had any luck losing weight either. I just joined MFP and am beginning a very intense workout program this week. I hope that something helps. It is encouraging to see that there are people who are losing weight with Hashi's. I am on a low dose of synthroid. I am vegan as well. Not sure if anyone else out there is Vegan it would be great to have someone to share with.
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    Best wishes to you all.

    I clicked on this post because, though I have not been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I have had many blood test that come back always on the most low side of normal, and am curious about how other people have managed. Because I've always been within the "normal" ranges, I'm told this is normal for me. Having been in the health & wellness industry for a while, and doing my research, and being frustrated with weight problem & other health issues that the regular medical community could not help with, I went the Natural/homeopathic root, which has a different range of what is normal. Now I'm not saying go this root, do what's right for you (obviously I am not a Dr, just someone who likes to help if I can) but it was found that all my hormones were all out of whack due to my many many years of undiagnosed Celiac's disease. I've had to really watch what I eat and am an advocate for eating for optimal health & find more natural means for health issues, if I can help it. I am currently taking a naturaceutical remedy call Pascofemine by Pascoe Natural remedies, that came highly recommended to me, and so far, I'm feeling a good difference... I've been taking it for about a month now, and where my hair was thinning is now growing back again (though grey - yay). The puffiness in my fingers, face, is gone, and I have much better energy.... also no PMS (a good yay), and I am finally loosing weight (even better yay).

    I'm really interested in what other are doing with respects to managing hormonal issues naturally.

    I wish you well!
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    I also have an under-active thyroid. I'm taking medication, and that is keeping my TSH levels in the good zone. (I am diligent about getting tested regularily with my endocrinologist, as thyroid changes can sneak up on you!) I am doing okay losing weight by restricting my calories and exercise. I try to eat healthy, which means: fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh fish, and a variety of other lean proteins. I strive for variety in my meals, not just for me, but for the sake of my family. I avoid soda and processed foods, but I'm not a fanatic about it... I just try to make it extremely rare. I also have eliminated nutrisweet from my diet as well. If I want to cheat or have a treat, I head for good old fashioned sugar, rather than anything artificial.

    Feel free to friend me. I'm always looking for new friends to give and recieve support. Good luck with your goals! Having a thyroid issue simply makes it a bit more challenging, but it's doable! Just stick with it! :)
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    I'm also Hypothyroid and have been on Synthroid for 25 yrs. I must exercise 6 days/week for one hr or more and the weight still comes off every slowly. I've resigned myself to this and I am determined to get it off!

    Good Luck to you and keep up your resolve!
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    I'm also hypothyroid and have been on increasing doses of levoxyl for 12 years. I've recently lost about 20 pounds using mfp and for the first time a month ago my dosage has been decreased. I think it's due to the weight loss and I do not feel any different with the lower dosage.
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    I have hypothyroidism and I was fine on thyroxine until my last pregnancy. Since then I have really struggled to get my weight under control. Low carb definitely seems to help but I wouldn't go too low on fat. Six small meals instead of 3 larger ones seems to help and I try not to have too many calories at any meal but to try and spread them out. Eating as cleanly as possible helps too. I was doing really well until december. I didn't go overboard in december but just that little extra and the types of food (Christmas food) resulted in a gain of 7lb, even though I was trying to be a little careful.

    Exercise is really important too, as often as possible. Every day seems to work best for me, even if it is just a walk. I aim to do something at least twice a day. The school run is a big help with that because even if I do nothing else I have had two good walks each week day and on five or six of the days I aim to add something a bit higher in intensity too like karate or an exercise DVD.

    I'm sure the weight will come off but I won't lie to you, you may find it comes off more slowly that other people's weight. Don't worry about it, just accept it and keep going!
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    Hypothyroid since 1994. I do avoid certain foods listed in my blog, it can be done. :smile:
  • I take a natural supplement for my thyroid issues...this is from the health food store, but I had to have a consultation in order to get it - it is not an over the counter vitamin.

    I also take 6,000 units of vitamin D daily... And coconut oil, which is very good for sluggish thyroid.

    I have lost 79 pounds in 11 months...have just 8 to go.

    BUT, I do not eat ANY grains, anything containing gluten is very damaging to the thyroid. I do not eat ANY sugar (very small amounts of low carb fruits). And I do try to exercise daily, though sometimes I miss a day.

    Low carb is essential for thyroid patients trying to lose weight. This is the ONLY way I can lose and maintain my weight loss...I know from many trials and errors over the years.

    There are also specific foods to avoid when you have hypothyroidism. RAW broccoli is one, and raw spinach! I was eating TONS of it and wondering why I wasn't losing weight. Not all healthy foods have good effects for hypothyroid patients.

    Do some research on google or whatever search engine you use and learn what to eat and what to avoid.
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    there is a group of people in the same position as you all.
    handy place to meet up and get tips.
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    I also have hypothyroidism. I had been off meds for many years but in May I had to go back on. I am currently on 100 but they expect to keep increasing it. I have lost 50 pounds since September, but have a very long ways to go. Please feel free to add me as a friend. Having a thryoid conditions just adds to the difficulty of losing weight.
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    I'm bipolar. I was put on Lithium last year and it's sent my thyroid loopy.
    I gained over 60 lb in under ten months. I was already overweight.
    I've been on Thyroxin for about three months now.
    Thanks to MFP, I've lost 19 lb in six months. In fact, today is Day 185 :smile:
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    I'm hypo too, and I only recently got put on the right meds for me. I'm on generic brand levothyroxine, but only 12.5 mcg (literally the smallest possible dose, it's the smallest pill they have cut in half) 6 times a week. My hormone levels have fluctuated for years, but despite the seemingly mild case, I was always very symptomatic.

    What has been working well for me is the use of MFP, and keeping my grain intake to 75 g a day (about 5 slices of bread worth). I also eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables, and allow myself one splurge day a week, where I can pig out and have as much junk food as I want. That keeps me from feeling deprived during the week and I'm more able to say no to unhealthy alternatives. Since I have a vitamin D deficiency, I also make sure to take my vitamins, because I feel like crap when I don't. I've been drinking lots of water lately too, which helps me not feel so sluggish and gross.

    As for exercise, I do a bunch of different activities, because I would get way too bored if I had a single routine. I do small things like walking as much as I can, parking in the far spot at work, and playing violin (which counts as cardio here, go figure). I also do yoga, dance, and low-impact aerobics/weight lifting.

    Definitely feel free to add me. I've lost about 15 lbs so far, and now that I'm done with school and my life is a little less hectic, I'm working on cutting down 5 more by the end of the month.
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    I have this as well. Any friends would be welcome. This does give weight loss more of a challenge. I'm also older so it's a double wammy! Am having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things after the holidays.
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    Very recently I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. I lost 30+pounds in 2010 and then I started to slack off my routine and the weight came back on and very quickly. In Dec 2010 I was a size 10 and this year I am a size 16. I'm on meds now and hopefully will see a change soon.
    Thanks for all your posts and suggestions.
  • I'm hypothyroid due to having mine removed (cancer in 2002.) I've had a hard time losing weight, but done much better since starting MFP. Writing everyting down and having to be accountable and friends to motivate me helps alot. I'd lost almost 25 pounds, but gained some back during the holidays. Back on track now. We can lose weight, just have to be willing to work a little harder and stick with it. The only food issues I've found are to avoid too much soy and don't take a multivitamin at the same time as your meds. Both these can block aabsorption of your medication and throw levels off. Hang in there, it will work, and we'll cheer each other on! :bigsmile: