What are everyones Start, lost and Goal weights?



  • FruityLoops
    FruityLoops Posts: 138 Member
    England, UK

    Start Weight - 291lb
    Lost - 15lb as of this morning
    Goal Weight - 175lb ish or a size 14
    (may seem a little high still but I am quite tall, and from when I lost weight before I was wearing a UK 14 at about 188lb and felt like I was very close to my goal then, so would just like to go a bit further, and obviously keep it off this time!!)
  • mrsrice86
    mrsrice86 Posts: 79 Member
    Lincolnshire UK
    Start: 236lb
    Current: 224lb (-12lb)
    Goal weight: Around 11st so about 155lb.
  • Sam
    JHB, South Africa

    Start Weight: 216
    Current Weight: 206
    Goal Weigth: 145

    61lbs to go.. wow.. this is going to take a while.. heehee :)
  • sandra80
    sandra80 Posts: 308 Member
    parlin, nj usa
    sw 370
    lost 192
    gw 150
  • Kim
    QLD Australia

    SW 81kg - 178lbs
    CW 63kg - 138lbs
    GW 50kg - 110lbs

    Well done everyone on what you have all achieved so far.
  • Currently 256lbs, targeting 196lbs (seems miles away) and see where we go from there.

    Just calorie watching and increased exercise for me. I just want me legs to stop aching all day and to be able to run around with my little boy who is 3. I have to be obsessive about something in order to stick to it so jumping into this with both feet. Hopefully, myfitnesspal will help me stay the course. I signed up to it years ago but have never really used it or tried so fingers crossed.

    I watched a program on tv last night. A young lad who was 29 stone who got down to 17 and was trying out to join the fire service. The thing that was most impressive was the size of the smile on his face at the end of it. It took him 12 months just dedication , exercise and willpower. It truly changed his life. Tal about take control!
  • HanneK
    HanneK Posts: 54 Member
    Hanne Kristine

    SW before: 189 (86 kg)
    SW when I started here: 165 (75 kg)
    CW: 142 (64.4 kg)
    GW: 123 (55.5 kg)

    Lost 23 lb( 10,6 kg)
    total loss 47lb (21.6 kg)
  • Gary
    Kent,England, UK
    Start Weight - 323.4 lbs
    Lost - 82.4 lbs ( in 6 months )
    Goal Weight - 238 lbs

    WOW Well done
  • _itsB_
    _itsB_ Posts: 44 Member
    22yrs old
    Height: 5'1"
    Start Weight 162lbs
    Lost: 0 (I've only been here a few days)
    Goal weight: 130-140
  • sandra
    parlin, nj usa
    sw 370
    lost 192
    gw 150

    Wow well done u x
  • Aoife_Eile
    Aoife_Eile Posts: 43 Member
    Limerick, Ireland
    Start Weight - 178lb
    Lost - 3.25lb
    Goal Weight - 140lb
  • katkins3
    katkins3 Posts: 1,360 Member
    Willow Spring, NC
    BW 230
    CW 183
    GW 130
    Age 61!
  • anndunkley
    anndunkley Posts: 16 Member
    England, UK
    Start Weight - 226lb
    Lost - 1lb (since Wednesday)
    Goal Weight - 168 or less if I need more loss when I get there!!
  • VJ150
    VJ150 Posts: 453
    St. Louis, MO (USA)
    Highest Weight - 290
    Lost 75
    Goal - 150

    I'm almost there!!!
  • Ianultrarunner
    Ianultrarunner Posts: 184 Member
    Willow Spring, NC
    BW 232
    CW 142
    GW 157
    Age 46
  • swilkie1961
    swilkie1961 Posts: 107 Member
    Female, 50
    Marietta, GA
    SW 165
    CW 150
    GW 125
  • rockstarginaa
    rockstarginaa Posts: 1,529 Member
    SW: 147
    Lost: 39
    GW: 105
  • Tim
    Height: 6'
    CW: ~ 140 - 147lbs
    Gained: Just started
    TW: 161 lbs
  • papa3x
    papa3x Posts: 286
    5' 5"

    Highest weight ever 326
    Started here last week at 283
    Now am at 281
    Goal is 180ish ( for now )
    Dream is 160..... but boy will there be a lot of loose, hanging skin if that happens.
  • ChickPea89
    ChickPea89 Posts: 31 Member

    SW: 86 KG
    LOST: 3KG
    GW: 60KG