im 350+ pounds and my Food Calc says im aloud 3800 Cal's a d

Does this seem a bit, wrong? It says im supposed to eat something like 3200 calories a day, they today I burned 811 so it said my goal is to eat 3800 Calories, Im not hungry enough to eat that much. yesterday I pushed myself to eat 2230 Calories and came in 1500 under my goal.. is the calculator corrupt or is this what I should be eating?


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    P.S Looking for more friend and support! add me! ive got about 100 pounds to lose and could use any advice other than "Take it easy" ive heard that one alot and I am, trust me =)
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    The calculator is probably making the assumption that you were already eating more than that. If you are not that hungry, certainly don't eat more than about 2500... as you lose weight it will adjust itself down (usually every 10 lbs)... and you'll end up balancing out.
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    I would say that you should focus on eating only good, wholesome, healthy foods in healthy, recommended serving sizes and see how you do. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in numbers. Keep up with your food diary open so new friends can help. After a couple of weeks of healthy eating with exercise, you'll be able to better evaluate what you need to lose weight and feel good.
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    I started at 365 pounds at a height of 5 foot 5 inches. I began by eating around 2700-2800 calories on MFP, now that has reduced to about 2400. I know 3800 calories sounds like alot but it could be accurate, assuming you are a fair bit taller than myself. Good luck, this site is great for motivation!
  • I work with a nutritionist while utilizing myfitnesspal and I'm on week 3 with her; when I weighed in on Monday I was 382 lbs. She has me eating 1500 calories/daily and never going under 1200. I can eat my exercise calories. I'm suppose to eat at least 100g of protein a day and keep my fat under 35g a day. I hope this gives you a better idea. I'm a female so I don't know if you'd get a few hundred more calories because your male (it's likely). This site isn't the greatest tool when you weigh as much as we do in terms of the calculation; this is because we'll have weeks in the beginning when we lose 8-10 lbs of water weight after being inactive for so long and that's not taken into account. I hope I'm not rambling and this makes sense. Good luck :D And feel free to add me as a friend!
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    Thanks for all the advice! and @Weighahead i am 6 foot 8
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    Good Afternoon,

    First, I would recommend talking to a nutritionist to figure out what your buring at rest. If your working out those calories will count towards how much you can consume a day. If your not eating enough calories your body will go into stravation mode and hold on to the weight making it very difficult for you to lose any it.To maintian weight you would eat what you burn during rest and exercise, but to lose weight you would eat a few 100 calories (300-500) less then you burn. I hope this makes sense. I promise you'll see a change if you follow this method. Good Luck!!
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    Thanks for all the advice! and @Weighahead i am 6 foot 8

    my husband is 6 foot 9 and he would seriously be starving on under 2000 cals. You are a big guy-you need to feed your body the right amount of healthy foods. If you go too low now, what are you going to do when you lose some weight? Go even lower? But if you start at a reasonable amount now, you can taper it off slowly as you lose as the above poster did...enjoy eating the food you can, especially with all those workouts you're doing. Your body will thank you for it. Remember, too, that a normal portion size needs to be a bigger for you. You're not going to get full on 1 cup of cereal with a half cup of milk. You're much taller than the average person. Adjust your serving sizes-maybe double them at first. I certainly wouldn't serve myself a half chicken breast and a half cup of steamed rice and then serve my gigantic husband the same portions-he would think he was dying by bedtime...he gets double what we eat and sometimes more-he is going to burn more calories than us because he is a larger person.