Last Meal



  • AccordingtoTodd
    AccordingtoTodd Posts: 197 Member
    hey Skinny! how have you been?
  • anthony438
    anthony438 Posts: 578 Member
    My grandmother's buttermilk fried chicken, corn fritters, and strawberry rhubarb pie
  • Bronx_Montgomery
    Bronx_Montgomery Posts: 2,287 Member
    My last meal huh?! Wow so much to choose from. It would have to be some of my mom's home cooking. Yellow rice with corn, Chicken, Platanos....Yum Yum
  • Oh my ....Puerto Rican Food!!! enough said...drool and cry now... :laugh:
  • XXXMinnieXXX
    XXXMinnieXXX Posts: 3,461 Member
    lamb roast dinner with father in laws home made carrot cake for afters x
  • Oh my ....Puerto Rican Food!!! enough said...drool and cry now... :laugh:

    Puerto Rican food is Bomb florida has amazing food here
  • sinistertitan
    sinistertitan Posts: 603 Member
    My mom's lasagna. Crap, why did I have to think about that? I'll have that vision dancing around in my head all day.
  • Charcoal grilled Fillet steak topped with foie gras and then maderia sauce, with a huge pile of green beans that have to be al dente mmmmmmmmmm
  • _itsB_
    _itsB_ Posts: 44 Member
    has to be fillet steak, mushrooms, onions, mash and fries with gravy mmmmmm :)
  • Not a good day to read this. LOL.. I'm starving today. I think my double work out sessions are starting to catch up with me... Body is finally reacting to the increase of exercise!!! LOVE IT!!!!

    OK, food I would have to say my mother's stuffing and gravy, Bacon and Scallops I can eat with Lobster and claim strips. Oh I have so much more I would want too but don't have time to list them all. :)
  • FJMilner
    FJMilner Posts: 407
    O my lord, I wish I hadn't read this thread now....this has made me crave all the foods I love (and believe me there's a very long list!)

    Hhmmmm, ah well, back to my lovely glass of water...........:sad:
  • BoxingChick
    BoxingChick Posts: 124 Member
    Lobster with hot garlic butter, chicken wings, BBQ pork ribs, and a ton of beer to wash all the butter down!!!!!
  • danie2010dw
    danie2010dw Posts: 31 Member
    Steak and Chicken Nachos Frome Baja Fresh...And A Brownie Pazookie From BJS AHHHHHHH And A Large Glass Or MILK YUMMMM
    OLFATUG Posts: 393 Member
    Pizza and beer.
  • pinstripepirate
    pinstripepirate Posts: 605 Member
    I want a giant ice cream sundae. Like Ben and Jerry's Vermonster Sundae size. Nom nom nom.

    ...If I attempted to eat that whole thing, I probably WOULD die afterwards!
  • MacMadame
    MacMadame Posts: 1,893 Member
    For my last meal, I would want something exotic that I don't eat on a regular basis. Maybe a strawberry fields salad with candied pecans, strawberries and feta cheese. Or pan-seared ahi tuna.

    I only get these things in restaurants so I only eat them a couple of times a year... but they are yummy.