Face OFF!! w/photos

I'm a REALLY LONG way from reaching my goal but wanted to post a picture to show even a little bit of weight loss makes a difference. On a fluke today I was wondering if you could even tell if I have lost any weight, especially in my face, since that's what we see in pictures most. And lo and behold there is a bit of difference. I still have a double chin now but a little bit of it is gone and the fullness around my eyes is slightly diminished. The first picture my weight is somewhere around 239, not exactly sure. The second picture I'm about 16 pounds less and I weigh around 223.

I just wanted to give a little bit of encouragement to those of us just starting that even a small weight loss can sometimes be seen! :happy:

September 2010

January 2012


  • RisyaLifsheTova
    RisyaLifsheTova Posts: 305 Member
  • bslic
    bslic Posts: 245 Member
    beautiful....a nice bright smile in both, but def showing weight loss in your new pic. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
  • mizzy84
    mizzy84 Posts: 9 Member
    you can definatly see the difference! well done! the face is usually the first place i can see any results.
  • chooklady
    chooklady Posts: 47 Member
    There is a very big difference to me, lovely!
  • smileybooliz
    smileybooliz Posts: 193 Member
    Thanks all!! Hope someone out there is encouraged to keep going. We can do this!!!
  • karagav
    karagav Posts: 172 Member
    that's so awesome, good for you!!! i find that my face is one of the last places i lose weight...and the first place i gain it!!
  • ladytinkerbell99
    ladytinkerbell99 Posts: 970 Member
    You can really see the difference. Keep up the great work. Your hard work is paying off.

  • LindsayPerkins1984
    LindsayPerkins1984 Posts: 10 Member
    wow, there is a very noticeable difference!!! you look fabulous!
  • Stinkybug
    Stinkybug Posts: 61 Member
    Wow...You look great! and I really like your new hairstyle :smile:
  • twinmom430
    twinmom430 Posts: 457 Member
    Wow, that's a huge difference!!! You look great!.
  • llrllr1
    llrllr1 Posts: 5 Member
    It's not a little difference - it is a big difference! Keep plugging away at it. You can get there. I have been 210 pounds and have gotten down to the 140's now for years. It really can be done.
  • littlebuddy84
    littlebuddy84 Posts: 1,000 Member
    There's definitely a big difference. Well done :-)
  • What a difference. I totally love your new hairstyle too. Suits you so much more.
  • mwood777
    mwood777 Posts: 18 Member
    Heck yeah I see it, and I dig the new hair style and color!
  • pcteck2
    pcteck2 Posts: 184 Member
    The difference is remarkable! Keep up the good work. People didn't notice I was losing weight until I had lost about 40 pounds. Then I became an expert on the subject. LOL!
  • Fat_2_Fit_Mommy
    Fat_2_Fit_Mommy Posts: 569 Member
    I could diffently tell the difference!!!! Good job!!!!!
  • Iamkim73
    Iamkim73 Posts: 924 Member
    I can see the difference! And love the new hair style too :smile:
  • kwest_4_fitness
    kwest_4_fitness Posts: 819 Member
    Oh sweetie, look at you! Yes, I can definitely tell the difference. You look fabulous!
  • Wow there is a huge differance, great work!!!
  • amywils77
    amywils77 Posts: 22 Member
    If you hadn't told us how much weight you've lost I would have guessed SO much more! There is a HUGE difference in your face. I hope you're very proud of yourself because you should be. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your journey!
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