What are you most looking forward to after losing the weight



  • NicolePatriot
    NicolePatriot Posts: 621 Member
    I am super excited to hopefully be able to wear a bikini by the Summer! I live in Florida, the BF has a boat, and we love to fish...so I hope this year I'm not all covered up like last year. :)
  • Scatterdragon
    Scatterdragon Posts: 225 Member
    Looking amazing in my wedding dress, and being able to wear whatever I want and not leaving the store crying because nothing fits.
  • Fat_2_Fit_Mommy
    Fat_2_Fit_Mommy Posts: 569 Member
    Getting rid of this bra, the underwire is... wait, uhm...


  • LilMizDetermined
    LilMizDetermined Posts: 175 Member
    Being able to throw on whatever is in my closet, rather than worrying about pairing the right shirt with the right pants in order to hide my muffin top...
  • Jami22
    Jami22 Posts: 253 Member
    Taking my kids swimming! I will probably never feel comfortable in a bathing suit but I will now wear one and enjoy swimming with my boys instead of sitting on the sidelines with shorts/tank top on.
  • Fat_2_Fit_Mommy
    Fat_2_Fit_Mommy Posts: 569 Member
    I might be one of the few woman in the world who right now hates the mall!!!!

    Haha, I bet a lot of us on here hate the mall right now!

    I agree I hate it!!! Ugh..
  • BlondeLisa1
    BlondeLisa1 Posts: 106 Member
    I'm moving back to my hometown in 6 months. I know tons of people from high school are still around. I don't want to be the gal who let herself go. I want to look FEIRCE!
  • Crys1209
    Crys1209 Posts: 128 Member
    Being able to buy whatever clothes I want with out having to search forever for the size that fits just right....and wearing a bikini in the summer. And just being fit. :wink:
  • thejessjones
    thejessjones Posts: 15 Member
    I look forward to not having the urge to turn the lights off as soon as my boyfriend and i get into bed! And not have to 'suck it in' when he holds me!
  • isaacs06
    isaacs06 Posts: 75 Member
    not being limited to certain clothes and stores

    ^^same for me. i want to be able to go into any ole store and be able to try on the clothes. i'm really looking forward to paying less too - since there will be less fabric (in a classy way i mean) ...damn you extended sizes lol.
  • GlenWalterGal
    GlenWalterGal Posts: 85 Member
    I just recently graduated to the "plus size" side of my favorite stores....And some of my stores don't even have a plus size dept....

    I so want to go back to the other side...I don't like it here on the plus side . . . things just don't fit the same way and I go into a "funk" everytime I have to try on stuff that would have looked nice on me before and that just make me look frumpy and lumpy now.
  • fiveferrels
    fiveferrels Posts: 397 Member
    Roller coasters, lots of them. Been to big to fit for a long time, time to make up for it.
  • StacyLynn8241
    No longer having a muffin top that hangs over my pants when I am sitting down!

    Looking good in whatever clothing item I choose to wear.

    No longer feeling like the fat girl in the room.

    Being able to keep up with my children!

    Proving to my EX that I can do this on my own without his constant nagging at me to lose weight!
  • witheredorchid
    witheredorchid Posts: 164 Member
    Getting my dream tattoos. I have a few but all in places that don't really get stretched out by my weight gain/loss. That and shopping for new clothes. :)
  • Jenner22
    Jenner22 Posts: 94 Member
    I want to go back to Bay Beach with my kids and NOT be the laughing stock of the entire place because my butt got stuck going down the slide or have someone tell me I don't have to "rush" myself down the slide or have someone say "Oh look she's getting down the slider faster then us".. I want to take my kids down it and NOT worry about being laughed at or "talked to".
  • likeaphoenix28
    I'm looking forward to doing all the things I didn't or couldn't do because of being overweight. Skydiving, horseback riding, shopping, travelling, entertaining, going out with friends, etc.
  • Tivo8MyNeighbors
    Tivo8MyNeighbors Posts: 151 Member
    Being able to wear clothes well and strike an impressive, professional figure. Greater energy levels, and improved health. Getting off my blood pressure medicine for the first time since my thirties.

    Driving my sports car that I'm getting myself for being so damned awesome.
  • spectralmoon
    spectralmoon Posts: 1,230 Member
    Corsets and size mediums.
  • cramernh
    cramernh Posts: 3,335 Member

    Proving to my EX that I can do this on my own without his constant nagging at me to lose weight!

    StacyLynne - tell your EX to go SCREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Marie3391
    Marie3391 Posts: 202 Member
    Going to the pool and beach in my bikini without having to wear shorts to cover up my legs!! Also looking in the mirror and loving my legs, not something that has every happened :P