Budgeting Help

OK, so I have £12 to last me until the 22nd of February for food. I don't really have much in already and I need some help!

I'm basically looking for low calorie and low carb. food suggestions that I can get, on a budget that can last that amount of time.

I'm vegetarian and don't like beans or lentils. I get most of my protein from dried egg whites and meat supplements.

Please help. I'm panicking and already stressed about the money situation and I just need some suggestions =(


  • happystars82
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    Asda do smart price foods like curry sauce and then you could get smart price rice etc.. HTH
  • blazeybug87
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    If you are an egg eater I would get your eggs from a local butchers. My Tesco is about £1.89 for six and for that I get 18 from butchers.

    What shops are close to you so I can mull it over (I shop around a lot!)
  • Saxmis
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    I'm in walking distance of an Asda, Iceland, Aldi, Tesco Express and a local fruit and veg. shop.
  • blazeybug87
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    I am thinking it's just you that needs feeding?

    I would go down and get some bits from the F&V shop or Asda and make some home made soup - works out mega cheap and freeze some of it for the rest of the month. I just make mine with veg and a stock cube or two (about 20p from Asda smart price) and can usually get 5 or 6 portions from spending £3 or so.

    Pick the time you go to Asda as for example between 2 and 4pm on a Sunday I know they are reducing loads of fridge items and fruit and veggies.

    Maybe grab some bits for omlettes too?

    What other foods you a fan of?
  • herlovingidiot
    Yes, go the Cool Hand Luke method - eggs, eggs, eggs.

    My wife swears by them.
  • BarbWhite09
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    Since you're near an Aldi [& Idk what those other stores are actually...] GO THERE! I get almost all of my food there, it's so cheap.

    For breakfast: You said you eat dried egg whites, I actually don't know what they are but, can you like make scrambled eggs with them? If so, have eggs for breakfast, you can get frozen broccoli at Aldi for $1.49 [Don't know your conversion, sorry] & make an omelet or just scramble them together like i do, super tasty [could use other veggies too, obviously]

    For lunch: You can get a head of iceberg lettuce at Aldi for $1.29 & you can make 5 or so salads from just the one head of it, grab a couple other veggies to top the lettuce [I bought grape tomatoes for 89 cents & a cucumber for 69 cents at Aldi last week] & there's lunch for 5 days.

    For dinner: Look up some good soup recipes online, since they can generally be made cheaply & in large batches, so you'll get a couple meals out of each batch. You'll end up being tired of soup pretty quick but with that limited of a budget for that long of a period it'll do.