I was curious as to whether the Fitbit tracks all calories burned in a day, or just calories burned through walking? Also, for those of you that have Fitbits, would you recommend getting one?


  • fishndad
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    I'm not sure how the calorie deal works, but I love mine. It keeps me motivated to walk when I never used to walk. Tracks a lot of things, but sleep was my biggest reason for buying. Not sure how it does it, but, the times I've woken up agrees with the time it records. Helps me realize why I'm so tired some days, & what I should be doing about it to fix it. Tracks things like how you rate to other Fitbit users in steps walked, how you compare to others of your gender, & even people within your BMI percentages. Compares one or all of those things. Right now I'm only in the 50-60 percentile of all users for steps walked, but in the 90 percentile for people with my BMI %. It's just a motivational tool & if you're a gadget freak, it's l;oads of fun to see how you're doing. I debated a long time before I bought mine (didn't want to spend the money), but if I lost mine now, I think I'd get another. Lots of people will of course diagree with me, but lots will also agree. Worth the money to me.
  • oharabears
    The Fitbit tracks all calories burned through movement--it's like a fancy pedometer. I LOVE mine! It's super-motivating, and rather eye-opening to see how much of the day I used to spend NOT moving! It will sync with MFP also, although right now they're having technical issues that are supposed to be fixed in the next day or so. I'd recommend the Fitbit Ultra, which has an altimeter to track flights of stairs climbed. Hope that helps! : )
  • likeaphoenix28
    Thanks guys!