Breakfast recipes

Does anyone know of any good (low cal) breakfast recipes? I have porridge at the moment, which I enjoy ( and sometimes toast), but I'd like some variety.

Thanks in advance :-)


  • Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein
    Great Value - Natural Peanut Butter- Chunky, 1 tbsp 95 4 8 4
    Nature's Own Healthy Multi-Grain - Sandwich Rounds, 1 Roll 100 19 1 4
    Great Value - Sugar Free Blackberry Jelly, 1 Tbsp 10 5 0 0
    About 205 cal
  • krisotis
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    pigs n a blanket and side of yogurt

    1 can great value homestyle biscuits (50 calories per biscuit)
    20 Turkey Little Smokies (5 smokies for 80 calories)
    cut each biscuit in half &wrap it around a little smokie
    makes about 20 little piggies serves 4 people 5 smokies each total of 205 calories

    add an Activia yogurt for 70 calories

    breakfast under 300 calories :)
  • I love a fruit parfait for breakfast: about 1-1/2 C mixed fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries and blackberries or whatever cut-up fruit you like . . . apples, bananas, mandarin oranges, etc. layered with 8 oz. low-fat vanilla yogurt, sprinkled with 1/3 C low-fat granola or high fiber cereal and 1 T of slivered almonds. I usually have a boiled egg, too. I like a big breakfast that stays with me so I'm not starving before lunch time and this does it for me. I can't wait to make this every morning and have it with my coffee. It's so good.
  • LaurasClimb
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    I have two breakfasts that I usually eat.
    1st - container of Greek yogurt (flavor of your choice) mixed with about 1/4 cup granola or cereal you like. Super easy, super fast.
    2nd - A flat bread (or light English muffin or something about 100 cal or less), fried egg (I just use a little cooking spray) & a wedge of laughing cow cheese.

    The first one is about 300 cal, the second is less. Both have the protein I need first thing in the morning - without it, all I want to do is snack all morning!
  • koutwater
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    Every single day (which is why I read your post - I should change it up, but it's sooo good!) I eat: an egg over-easy cooked in non-stick spray, 3 slices of avocado mashed and put on a slice of light wheat bread (or I do a slice of ham if I'm watching carbs). It is SOOO good - tastes like eggs benedict but it's like 130 calories. Put it with some fruit if you want a little more bulk to it:)
  • krista010105
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    i make fried egg white omelet type of thing just using liquid egg white. i use 1/2 a cup that i think totals 2 egg whites. and i eat half a slice of toast giving the other half to my daughter and a cup of orange juice. or i will have water with a bowl of grapes or strawberries or an apple. just put pepper on the egg whites and top it on the slice of toast. its pretty good. much better than the oatmeal i tried the other day.
  • gemiwing
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    I have higher protein needs than most because of medical blah blah- but here are my breakfasts-

    two slices of ham (1.5oz total), two eggs and a clementine orange

    two eggs, toast and a banana

    chocolate chex with coconut milk (big Sunday treat)

    protein shake with clementine on the side.
  • Breakfast should be taken as much as possible. We get energy for the whole day from it. Protein supplements should should be also included in it.
  • Picola1984
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    My favourite breakfast is pancakes, wholemeal or wheat free with or without protein powder
  • Thanks guys! Some good ideas I'll have to try. Although I should point out I live in England and might not be able to get some things...