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Hello, new to the boards here but I'm so glad I found this website. I've been tracking my food and exercise for about 15 days and I've never felt better. I recently graduated college and moved out of state with my husband. Dealing with unemployment and general just got out of college-what the heck do I do now depression really made me lose site of my health and I gained waay too much weight. Reading the boards here has really inspired me.

I'm only just beginning, but I've noticed I have so much more energy now. I don't own a scale, so I couldn't really tell if I had lost any weight...but today I put on a pair of pants that I couldn't previously breathe in and they fit beautifully. That felt GREAT! Looking forward to being a part of the community.


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    The scale is just that, a scale. Don't allow your success be determined by a number on a scale. Let how well your clothes fit be your guide. Everyone gets wrapped up in the numbers. People will be able to tell you lost weight, and YOU will be able to tell and that is what matters! :) Good luck on your journey! This site is awesome, and if you have an iphone, you can download the app for free. It's awesome too because you can scan the barcode on the food packaging to add your food items to your diary! It is definitely what has kept me on track the past month! I too can now comfortably wear a pair of pants that a month ago simply collected dust in my closet!
  • Hi and welcome! Im only new to this site also and I love it. Makes it much easier to keep on track with my food. My gym trainer put me onto this site less than a week ago and Im hooked. She also introduced me to protein powder and I love it, keeps me so full. I have it and water on my oats for breakfast in place of my skim milk and its so creamy!
    Im 52 and havent really done any real exercise in my life except for walking. I got married almost 2 years ago for the second time and started making cakes and biscuits and desserts for my husband and eating them too and now Im paying the price. Also joined up at the gym for the first time ever and its really hard work but with that and walking heaps and using a heart rate monitor to make sure I am walking fast enough, the weight if finally starting to come off. I wish you all the best! :happy:
  • Thanks for the tip with scanning foods! I hadnt thought to do that! I dont have an iphone but an android one but pretty sure it has a bar code scanner in it! I agree too about the scales as our body weight fluctates so much. Its a good idea to just see if you can fit into clothes that were too tight and also to take lots of measurements to go by.:smile:
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    I'm new here too! and Loving It! I love being able to track my calories and exercise everyday and love the "If everyday were like today you'd weigh..." thing that is a real motivator! I needed something new I've lost 16 lbs. I think this will be my ticket.
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    You can add me. This is an awesome site and the database is the best ever!
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    Hello, welcome and congratulations! Yes indeed MFP is a great tool to help monitor food and exercise. I suggest you take measurements now and maybe every month or every other month. It feels so good to see the inches disappearing; and yes I also know that feeling of fitting into previous clothes and just feeling healthier in general. Good luck on your healthy lifestyle journey. Add me if you like. Live Love Laugh
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    I find that just logging my calories and exercise alone can lead to weight loss. 7 lbs and my jeans feel much better.
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    Christinerush, I'm not sure if a general scanner app will work, but if you have a droid, I think you can load MFP app and hopefully it has the scanning feature. I know the iphone does. I use it daily and it is what keeps me on track logging what I eat because it's so easy! And I agree with you, gabistyle88, seeing where you will be in 5 weeks is a REAL motivator!!!
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    WELCOME TO MFP! It definitely helps to see other ppl working out, falling off and getting back into the grove of fitness and health. We also help each other get back up. Feel free to add me