Tips to get my dad to start running again.. my dad has been out of town for a week & coming back home. m sitting on his desktop right now. I need a desktop wallpaper which he will keep looking at & motivate him to start running again. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. guys out there..hellppp.. some wallpaper / saying which can motivate a ex-runner ..
reallly appreciate it..


  • shovav91
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    Ok ready?
    Get a big dog. A big one with teeth.
    Let the dog go.
    Let your dad go.
  • kittuk86
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    :) m scared of dogs.. specially big ones with teeth..
  • Kilter
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    A couple of things motivate me:

    1. **** and Rick Hoyt (look them up, send him to the site or send him the vid)
    2. Knowing that my daughters are at/near the finish line when I race (found them at km 40 of the marathon at the end of Ironman, best memory of the race)
    3. Seeing my runners just sitting there beside my chair.
    4. Knowing my friends are down at the run club waiting for me.

    Sign him up for a race. Tell him you'll be there to either run with him, or catch him at the end.
    Sign him up for a clinic, tell him his friends are going to be down there running with him.
    Take a picture of his shoes and put them on his desktop, against a background of any race pics of his that you have, or against a background of a long winding trail in a park or forest.
  • kittuk86
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    sounds nice,,, :)