Does anyone else track sugar?



  • I track mine b/c I am diabetic.

    All kinds of stuff has sugar in it - cheese, milk, fruit, crackers, juice, etc. Stick to protein and veggies to avoid sugar (and carbs) but don't cut it out altogether :smile: Some sugar is more beneficial than others (fruit versus white, refinded sugar like in cookies and cakes and crackers).

    HTH :wink:
  • mrd232
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    What kinds of foods (besides fruit) are high in sugar? My sugar intake for the day is normally between 10 - 15g. So I'm just curious what you guys are eating. :smile: :flowerforyou:

    We are eating more on the natural side of what everyone else is eating..................

    We are cutting down on fruit consumption, which most people on here don't do. We are getting our natural sugars from veggies, which is significantly smaller amounts than most people here...........

    Coupled with the "non-fat" and low-fat products people eat that contain a LOT more sugar than the regular, full fat products and have eating the standard american diet way is going to have the sugar quantity higher.................

    I do the same. I think you and I eat and think alike. I eat higher fat, moderate protein, fairly low carb, mainly from veggies, nuts, berries.