Companies cheat.

Went shopping with my mom today, bought alot of snacks for me, healthy of course mom kept me in check XD, and she got me orange juice, because it's my favorite, but she didn't read the label. It's sick how they call something orange juice, but on the back it says no juice. I feel kinda cheated, but I told my mom it was ok and I'd drink it so she didn't feel bad.

Does anyone know any company that makes 100% fruit juice? I got V8 today because it was low in calories and lower in sugar then what I've been drinking, but even that's only 15% juice. I've been trying not to drink anything that has sugar listed as the top 3 items in the drink but besides water I've been coming up with nothing, so I've settled for drinks that sugar isn't the first ingredient.


  • Sageyoku
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    Yeah, I have this problem too. Too many times I pick up what I think is cranberry juice and it turns out to be a 'cocktail' instead :grumble:

    Someone else is going to suggest that you get a juicer and make your own juice, so I won't do that :wink:

    If you're on a budget but still want real juice:

    ~ Juicy Juice is affordable and 100% juice although I'm pretty sure it's highly processed and strained (i.e. minimal nutrition).
    ~ Apple juice and cider is often sold as 'itself', haha.
    ~ Welch's and Ocean Spray both make 100% juice,
    but the bottles look much the same so read the labels so you don't grab a cocktail accidentally!
    ~ V8 Fusion is 100% fruit. Those are pretty yummy and reasonably priced too.
    And of course there are TONS of 100% orange juices available in the refrigerated section.

    If you can afford it:

    ~ If there's a Trader Joe's near you, they sell 100% juices of all kinds with NO ADDED SWEETENERS, just the pure fruit juice. It might be a bit more expensive, but if you can afford 'em, they're about as 100% as you can get without making juice yourself!
    ~ Odwalla, PomWonderful, Naked, and Bolthouse Farms are a few of the more 'upscale' varieties of fruit juices...they're more like purees, really.

    Good luck!
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    apple & eve
    anything that says 100% juice is fine, with no other ingredients.

    Personally I'd rather have a piece of whole fruit than fruit juice. I find it to be more satisfying for less calories. You lose a lot of the fiber when the fruit is juiced.
    Maybe try buying some oranges instead, now is the season.
  • Well we bought a bunch of grapes, apples and oranges but in the mornings I need something sweet to drink or I don't function, so I'm trying to find a pure fruit juice instead of the crap I've been drinking. It's been hard to step away from my Cranberry Apple juice but I've done it.