I need friends! :D



  • a_sparkles
    a_sparkles Posts: 8 Member
    I'm Ashley, You can add me I have no friends on here :P I've lost 16lbs so far!
  • lomajess
    lomajess Posts: 94 Member
    Me too, I need 62 pounds to go. :) add me
  • daisyduke523
    daisyduke523 Posts: 6 Member
    Hey everyone!
    So I've been on this website for about two weeks and really REALLY slacked off last week! :( I really need some motivation! Does anyone else? I am really interested in finding someone to e-mail with back and forth on somewhat of a daily basis so we can keep each other more motivated!
    Add me!! I need help!! :)
  • ambutler0905
    Procrastination is my middle name! We can all use the extra support to continue on this journey!
  • Tbirdmason
    Hi. Just saw your post and wanted to welcome and encourage you to the website. Good luck on achieving your goals. You have a beautiful face.

    Be Well
  • MMG27
    MMG27 Posts: 4 Member
    I do, I am new to this also and new friends could help. Just add my user name and find me. I have a lot to lose!
  • Katmckee89
    Thank you all ! That was overwhelming actually! I don't have time to friend everyone tonight and I'm sorry if my responses were not very personal but I had so many requests flooding in I was just trying to keep up. :D I look forward to talking with all of you and I'll be back when I'm not fighting sleep. :tongue: Goodnight!
  • momof3boys090808
    momof3boys090808 Posts: 69 Member
    Hi! I been on MFP for just little over a month, but before this I lost over 30 lbs and on here almost 8 lbs. if you want add me :) we can motivate eachother and encourage one another. Anyone else can add me to :)
  • ondogirl
    ondogirl Posts: 76 Member
    I'm looking at trying to lose another 20kg(44lb), feel free to add me. I'm 29 and from australia :)

    OMG!!! You have the absolute cutest baby. Look at those cheeks! Your pic just put me in the greatest mood. Thanks.

    Back on topic..............feel free to add me OP (Cutie Pie's mom too!)
  • StephanieBergozza
    I'm in! I need the extra support. :) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to curb thjose junk food cravings?
  • djsupreme6
    djsupreme6 Posts: 1,210 Member
    welcome..I like to encourage people...add if ya like
  • sstein21
    sstein21 Posts: 25
    Always open to some new buddies =) Welcome aboard!!:happy:
  • JohnFox27thCentury
    Cool, you can add me, (anyone else can too).
  • ClaireSD35
    I have just joined too, need all the help I can get to lose 80lbs
  • amberrenae1
    Add me! I need to loose 50+!
  • Bxrlvr73
    Bxrlvr73 Posts: 82 Member
    I just joined this site so PLEASE add me too!
  • ttaniah
    ttaniah Posts: 3 Member
    This is my second day on this website, and I'm in the same boat. I need to lose at least 75 pounds and really need some motivation to stick to my goals, especially exercise. Would love to have a motivation buddy! :wink:
  • Karalopolous
    Go ahead and add me!! Supportive friends are always needed
  • elikan
    elikan Posts: 3
    add me, we can support each other!
  • cookierinthia
    cookierinthia Posts: 72 Member
    I need friends as well and completely understand! I need to lose 50 lbs!