Pregnant and Due Oct 24

How many other pregnant women are there? With my last 2 pregnancies I gained 50 lbs. I really don't want to do that again since I am starting out 15 lbs heavier this time. I would like to have lots of preggo friends for support and ones who have had kids also who know what I am going through.

Thanks is advance


  • A_New_Horizon
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    There are several pregnancy groups - you should join one. I know they are very supportive because I have had several pregnant friends in past or present.
  • timadotcom
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    If I'm not mistaken there is a pregnancy group on here, I believe they do have lots of great info. Your due date is so close to my bday:P I wish you best of luck and health for u and the babe!!
  • sandijones5783
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    Go through my friends, half of them are pregnant and there are lots of groups too! I am in 3 of them!
  • jameejune
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    I'm pregnant and due Oct 24th too! I'm determined to keep from gaining excessive amounts of weight during this pregnancy. I've been working out a lot the past 8 months and don't want to lose my momentum. So far, so good. Feel free to friend request me and we can support each other. I have 2 other children. 3 years old and 22 months.
  • jrlenig
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    Feel free to add me I am due August 20th and I lost 60 pounds prior to last September, had a miscarriage suffered from hypothyroidism, and gained back some but I am only up 9 pounds as of today and I want to keep it under 20 pounds feel free to add me!