friends needed :)

anyone want to be friends and help with the weight loss????

got a hell of a long road ahead of me....



  • alortega730
    alortega730 Posts: 56 Member
    so do i! lets do it.
  • darla100
    darla100 Posts: 134 Member
    I have been doing this regulary and am on everyday..I have lost 27#'s and have about 74 more to go! Feel free to add me!:tongue:
  • HealthyAim
    HealthyAim Posts: 41 Member
    Me three :). I'm new to MFP. Lost 11 pounds on my own since feb and want to keep up the healthy habits. let's motivate each other :-)
  • thanks guys :)
  • joyce1129
    joyce1129 Posts: 62 Member
    OK, so what are we waiting for? I am on usually every day; have lost close to 30 and have 17 to go. I will be away next week, but will still have limnited acccess, so add me too!
  • vadiane1
    vadiane1 Posts: 50
    If anyone needs a friend...friend me...I enjoy watching everyone's progress and feel accountable if I slip up! Helps me tremendously to tow the line!
  • sharleengc
    sharleengc Posts: 792 Member
    Anyone is always more than welcome to add me!

    Good luck!
  • you can add me :)
  • Jadesmommy2003
    Jadesmommy2003 Posts: 36 Member
    I will be your friend if you want to add me:0). I am a daily logger and support most everyone everyday.
  • ashley22238
    ashley22238 Posts: 22 Member
    I need some friends to help keep me motivated too. I went on this journey 2 years ago, and might I add did it all by myself. Then when I got pregnant with my son I gained it all back. So I am ready to do it all over again. lol
  • I'm on the long road with you. Add me if you still want friends. :)
  • SteffieMark
    SteffieMark Posts: 1,723 Member
    You can add me too, if you like. I am on everyday and try to be supportive to everyone.
  • taxacctdfw
    taxacctdfw Posts: 67 Member
    Feel free to add me if you would like. I love to encourage my friends. I love to see us all succeed on this new journey in life.:flowerforyou:
  • FR sent
  • Precious75134
    Precious75134 Posts: 85 Member
    i'm in
  • You may add me too!
  • mrskristinlang
    mrskristinlang Posts: 22 Member
    I do too, anyone can feel free to add me, the more support the better!
  • keriann1
    keriann1 Posts: 12 Member

    Feel free to add me :-)

    I have 46lbs to go for my target and am here for the long haul, could do with some motivation.

    I log on most every day :-)
  • beffy1
    beffy1 Posts: 5
    And you can add me :) i have lost a stone and a few lbs but still have a way to go.. The support i have received from my friends on here has helped me a lot! Lets do it girl!! :)
  • Fatguy2Fitguy
    Fatguy2Fitguy Posts: 129 Member
    I've just returned and always looking for buddy's! Feel free to add me!