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Which celebrity has your dream body??:)



  • howekarenhowekaren Member, Premium Posts: 159 Member Member, Premium Posts: 159 Member
    Halle Berry, Penélope Cruz or Christina Hendricks. I'm too big chested to be a Jennifer Anniston.
  • CarnivorekatCarnivorekat Member Posts: 370 Member Member Posts: 370 Member
    Kate Winslet - she is curvy and feminine and very beautiful
  • swisspeaswisspea Member Posts: 336 Member Member Posts: 336 Member
    I'm going for realistic here: Laura Catterall (the french model recently on the cover of French Vogue). I think she's all kinds of hot, and I can see myself realistically having her body. Once I get there, I'll see if Kate WInslet is in the realm of possibility.
  • mystiedragonflymystiedragonfly Member Posts: 189 Member Member Posts: 189 Member
    Christina Hendricks

    Kate Winslet (In Titanic)

    Jessica Rabbit
  • skinnywithinskinnywithin Member Posts: 1,408 Member Member Posts: 1,408 Member
    Miranda Lambert or Jennifer Aniston
  • Tybalt71Tybalt71 Member Posts: 1,081 Member Member Posts: 1,081 Member
    Chaz Bono
  • MemphisGirl75MemphisGirl75 Member Posts: 84 Member Member Posts: 84 Member
    Christina Hendricks.


    That's totally what I was going to say. I need a busty lady for my ideal. The girls never go away when I'm fit. Besides I'd rather be on the side of a B-52 bomber then a ad for fighting hunger in the 3rd world. :laugh:

    Lovin' all the Christina Hendricks love on here~ she's my ideal as well, and has been since "Firefly"!
  • Bpothik13Bpothik13 Member, Premium Posts: 135 Member Member, Premium Posts: 135 Member
    Chris Evans:blushing:
  • QuiingQuiing Member Posts: 265 Member Member Posts: 265 Member
    Serena Williams

  • k8blujay2k8blujay2 Member Posts: 4,941 Member Member Posts: 4,941 Member
    Sarah Shahi!

    For those that don't know her, she plays Kate on Fairly Legal... Hopefully later I can get a pic posted.
  • Miss_danniiMiss_dannii Member Posts: 1,351 Member Member Posts: 1,351 Member
    Megan Fox because my fiance thinks she is amazing lol x
  • Por2gueseMamaPor2gueseMama Member Posts: 102 Member Member Posts: 102 Member
    Jason statham for sure!

    Thats my dream man. But as for me Def Jennifer Lopez :D
  • k8blujay2k8blujay2 Member Posts: 4,941 Member Member Posts: 4,941 Member
    for me my aims are:
    hugh jackman also chris evans recently (post fantastic four)

    Definitely agree with these & Jason Statham. I'm also adding Alex O'Laughlin & Daniel Day Kim (Hawaii 5-0) & Chris Gorham (Auggie from Covert Affairs)

    Mmmm... Auggie is hot... *drool*
  • minnesota_deereminnesota_deere Member Posts: 236 Member Posts: 236
    the rock johnson
  • Denjo060Denjo060 Member Posts: 1,033 Member Posts: 1,033
  • finz96finz96 Member Posts: 102 Member Posts: 102
    Jessica Biel!!!
  • kimsciolinokimsciolino Member Posts: 245 Member Member Posts: 245 Member
    Britney Spears!!!
  • kbuelokbuelo Member Posts: 48 Member Posts: 48
    Mila Kunis or Christina Ricci?... It's realistic for me because I'm pretty petite.
  • xxrainxxxxrainxx Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    annalynne mccord :heart:
  • morph92morph92 Member Posts: 1 Member Posts: 1
    Jada Pinkett- Smith
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