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    Morning, ya'll. May not have gotten all my water in yesterday, but I will do better today and start right now. Well, after I finish my diet coke, anyway (ran out of diet pepsi, haven't gone to the store yet...will take what i can get right now!)

    i had the strangest "movie" dream last night, i woke up 3x and went back to sleep and continued the dream! it was pretty cool. i was writing it down this morning so i can make it into a story. it's not the first time i've had a great story dream, just the first time i can remember it when i woke up, as well as first time i've gone back into a dream after waking up. those were some cool migraine drugs... LOL

    today my goal is to get all my water in, to change my trainer appts to later so that i will go. i'm going to the store in a bit and will drop the kids off at playland and walk around the store for an hour. not a great exercise but better than i did yesterday, since i spent most of the day in bed.

    and oh yea, i posted here before checking my farms... LOL
  • Hello Everyone...I am back from my vacation. Went up a bit in weight...but expected that as I like to just enjoy myself when I am away. Did a couple of trails - one was just a short one but the next day I did a 12 Km trail (approx 7 miles) and I was hurting. Hurt so bad by the time I was done I was almost in the trail wasn't your normal dirt it was rocks jutted up everywhere so the ground was never hard on the knees and feet. Then of course there was this one part where it was a steep rock climbing area ...and guess who fell going down it. Yep - yours truly and landed right on a rock...nice bruised butt I have. After that trail though didn't do anymore that week. Figured that was about 3 days of walking at home all in one bunch. But hey it was great fun and I am glad I did it.
    The scenery was beautiful...and I hated to leave, but must admit was getting a bit homesick. So home now and just starting to get refocused on life.
    Back to losing weight, back to work, back to my normal life again.

    I am not going to post my weight as like I said I did go up, but also TOM coming, so not 100% sure if weight due to vacation, TOM or both. So will post in a couple of weeks once I know what is really going on. In the meantime, going to get back on track with food, water and exercise.

    Farmtown, yep been there already - but not going to let it consume my life. Did my planting and got out of there...even though my trees are covered with fruit. LOL

    Well that is about it for to get back to work here. First off to the kitchen for another bottle of water....:drinker: :drinker: :drinker:

    Talk to you all soon again.

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    Okay so I am here.. I've been around, lurking..

    I don't want to say I've fallen off the wagon, I've actually been good.. I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks, not sure if I'm ready to go there..

    I do stay in touch with Sheila, Adopt4 and LI4G and Crazybee...

    Farming on facebook, I've pretty much been banned.. My husband said no more. To get back on track and focus on myself and not a farm.. He was pretty serious and pretty pissed that I've not been doing what I was doing.. Staying focused, eating right, recording everything, drinking water and exercising.. I was doing so good.. then came Texas, farmtown, fights, stress and a lot of deaths.. Just too much..

    So I'm here.. I can farm for a few hrs a day, but only if I've exercised.. I can't spend my weekends on the computer, I have to be active..

  • Anita- good to see you back.

    button-welcome back from vacation.

    a4-the things we do to get in a bit of exercise:wink:

    House clean, swim complete, run complete, now hubby is on his way home from work and wants to go for a mountain bike ride. OK. I hope I can be like that energizer bunny!
  • Ok Girls, it didn't go so well today with the water or the exercising. I got in twenty more minutes and up to 48 ounces water. So I made a new goal for myself - what I don't do on one day gets added to the weekend (Thursday thru Sunday) to catch up on both exercise and water. Got my work cut out now and I am keeping track on my exercise/weight calendar.

    I woke with a bad bad headache - I just so want to stay home but going to try to go to work.

    Prayerful - Yep I am back - thank you. You are an inspiration in so many ways. Hoping to build my exercising up a little more than what I have set during the work days.

    Anita - glad you are back girl.

    Buttonnose - Welcome back from vacation

    Lulu - Hey Girl

    Adopt4 - did you make those trainer appointments for later?

    Well girls got to try to move toward work. Will probably get in a little more water and of course I walk all night but it doesn't count in my exercise; Which of you will inspire me tonight to get an hour exercise in before I go to bed? Who will put in 30 minutes before they go to work? I will see after I get at least 30 minutes in before getting on the computor. Will I do 30 or more before I start the computor? Just talking - just thinking of how I an going to work tomorrow
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    Good evening Team :flowerforyou:

    Just checking in before I head to bed :smile:

    Today went well ... did great with the eating, drank 15 cups of water... which is just a little over half my weight in ounces.... walked for 30 minutes when I woke up this morning and did another 60 minutes when I got home from work ... also 10 minutes of weights... and staying away from the farms on FB (planted things that take 3 to 4 days to harvest LOL)

    So far so good :smile: want to get past that 50lbs mark this week!

    Good night everyone... and remember if today didn't go so well ... tomorrow's another day :smile:
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    'Sup friends?

    Manda - I looooove art class! Hope you have great students this year.

    Crazybug: I didn't know that Fashionbug and Lane Bryant were connnected to Catherine's. My daughter worked for Lane Bryant for about a year - part time too, and her discount was great! Good luck.

    Sheila, L4M, and Anita - so glad you are back posting girls. Break time's over! This journey is about a commitment to ourselves - there's no way we can effectively take care of others without properly taking care of ourselves! That said, I'm just so glad you're back! ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))

    L4M- I'm down with the Thanksgiving challenge! Love it! 13 in 13! You're on girl!

    Cyndeebee - glad you are feeling better! :flowerforyou:

    Adopt4 - I love fun nights like that with my girlfriends! Jealous:glasses:

    Lorann AND Adopt4 - hmmmmmm. Not seeing yourselves as the smaller girls you are?? Don't forget the trick of tracing yourself! It is an eye opener.:bigsmile:

    button - glad you had a great vacation! Welcome back ~ and back on track!:happy:

    Prayerful - Exercise - then exercise again with hubby??? You really are a good wife! lol. I found another gym with a pool today - out of my price range. But someone told me that you can get a pool membership at the Holiday Inn :huh: I'm going to call tomorrow to check it out - and if so, I'll go by to check out their pool ~ we'll see.

    Where are April? Pawprint? Dwray? Zano? LI4G? Missing you guys!

    Did my 30 min. walk out in our beautiful weather today! Nice, then did some weights. Ate right, drank right. It was a good day. Tomorrow will be as good as we make it, right?!?!

    Type to ya later gaters!
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    ugh. screwed up today. didn't drink ANY water (hubby made sun tea and I LOVE sun tea, been drinking that all day), had some bad snacks (Rice Krispie treats x3 for the day) AND I forgot to change my trainer appt till later. UGH!!!

    Was pretty much out of it most of the day, with the migraine lingering. Have a really, really sore area in my shoulderblade area? Killing me, must have slept on it wrong. Had hubby push gently on it, and things moved, I heard it pop, but didn't quite fix the problem. Might be the cause of the migraine as well. If it's not better tomorrow, I will have to see a chiro. Ugh!
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    Ok so did you know that sun tea is LOADED with caffeine? Hubby and I were both up all night. What idiots! Pop doesn't do this to me, at least not to this degree... so here it is, 5:30 am, and I haven't been to sleep yet. Too bad I planted 12 hour crops before realizing I wasn't sleeping tonight! I could have totally cashed in on sleeplessness!!

    Goals today: drink my water. reschedule my trainer appt. dump sun tea down the drain.:tongue:
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    Good morning Team :flowerforyou:

    wake up - check
    walk 30 minutes - check
    eat breakfast - check
    drink water - check (3 glasses so far)

    Ok off to a good start of the day :smile: even had a few minutes to check the farms :laugh: now time to get ready for work... you all have a great day ... log that food, exercise and drink that water!!
  • Just a quick Hello Everyone and check in before bed

    Did 40 minutes exercise so far and drank 64 ounces water.

    Lorann - Good job this morning.

    Lulu - 13 in 13 I like that , didn't realize it till you posted it. The real test will be to lose at least a pound a week. That is what I am wanting to do. If I lose more than a pound a week - then that is bonus

    Adopt4 - I hope you get some sleep soon.

    Good night all
  • Just checking in and trying to do a daily posting. Seem to be lacking the drive to get on the track right. Maybe suffering a bit of depression from being off vacation along with TOM. So I am asking that you all be patient with me on that one. Seem to have hit a wall - one that I need to work through on my own time. Plus have some medical problem going on right now that I need to revisit my doctor on tomorrow. Seem to be for some reason throwing up once a mth about a week prior to my TOM. Thinking he needs to figure out what is going I don't like tossing my cookies on an occasional basis let alone once a mth. Well will stop whining about that.

    So I will post once a day, but hopefully I will be back on the track 100 % by next week...just in time for another week's vacation. LOL. Staying at home that week except for about 3 days. Hey Cindybee..too bad Britt is back in school that could come visit for a few days and kick my butt and get me back on track ...just make it the left cheek as the right is still bruised and sore from my collision from the rock that I sat on too hard on the trail I did last week. LOL

    Well keep up the good work ladies...I will catch up to you all again soon...I promise.


    PS One other thing...why is it that I have to go back about 8 pages from the main page of the Motivation link and click on our links to get to our most recent week. Is anyone else having this problem. Does that make any sense to anyone. As I am finding this most frustrating. I have to go back to about 2 weeks of posting and then click on the new weeks links to get up to our most current week.
  • button- i'm cheering you on from the side lines.  Hope you get some answers on the cookie toss.  

    Lw4m- awesome on the work out and the water.  I'm already freaking about the 13 in  I have a procedure next week and its going to require some down time and no exercise.  On your exercise goals...I do the same thing.  If I miss a workout I don't beat myself up I just add it to another day.  

    Lorann- Great yesterday.  Nice balanced morning today!  Way to start the day out nice.  

    Lulu-nicely stated about having to take care of ourself in order to take care of others.  Who'd have thunk that Holiday Inn?  Interesting.  Clapping at your exercise accomplishments yesterday.

    A4-lol at your goals to dump suntea.  I do like sun tea; no sugar.  I have to limit myself to 1 glass early in the day.  Did you call and change that trainer apt?????

    OK, I'm gonna say it.  I don't believe these calories for exercise.  Pretty much the Heart Rate Monitor and MFP calculate about the same.
     45 freestyle swim: 545
     45 run/walk intv: 363
    127 13-21 mph bike: 3980
    total for the day:  4888

    14 run/walk intv: 120
    79 min bike ride: 2638
    total for the day:  2758

    I should be melting away.
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    PS One other thing...why is it that I have to go back about 8 pages from the main page of the Motivation link and click on our links to get to our most recent week. Is anyone else having this problem. Does that make any sense to anyone. As I am finding this most frustrating. I have to go back to about 2 weeks of posting and then click on the new weeks links to get up to our most current week.

    Doesn't it show up in your most recent posts? Or maybe cuz you haven't posted? can you search by "THE team and the current week? Just some thoughts.
  • First - thanks Prayerful mom regarding your hopefulness on my cookie tossing. I appreciate that so much, has had me a bit worried, but I think I have a good idea myself what it might be...but need see doctor first and then he will forward me onto specialist as he is really good at doing that for me. Then get a confirmation on my suspicions.

    Adopt - not sure what is going on..all I know is that I have to go back quite a few pages in order to find our team's postings. Then have to click on that and find the new link to the next week's link in order to catch up to this week's postings. Just wondering if anyone else was having this problem or was it just me being wierd as usual. LOL Life likes to throw these curve balls at me to keep me on my toes.

    LuLu I agree with you and Prayerfulmom - we have to take care of ourselves first in order to take care of others. I have learned that one the hard way the past few years and now starting to take a different approach in life with me first - then others. Sounds selfish...I know..but have to do it this way.

    Well that is it....take care all.
    Hey two post in one day....maybe I can make it three later on this evening. :wink:

  • Hey All

    Water will be done for today 96 ounces by the time I finish this post. Exercise not so good - just 50 minutes today, added 40 to this weekend. I am not too worried as when I set my mind to it, I always do better on the weekend. Sneaked a peak at the scale numbers and they are going down so I am happy to see that. My fingers are losing water weight as my rings are beginning to slide. And I have kept to doing my posting so life is getting better again.

    Prayerfulmom - with all you do in exercises yes you should be melting. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I will cheer you on from the sidelines.

    Buttonnose - sorry to hear about your problems. I hope you are getting better soon.

    Adopt4 - no caffeine before bed tonight - I hope you sleep soundly.

    To the rest of you, hi have a good night all. And yes I just finished water
  • Hi Everyone - I am new and a friend of Button's. Mind if I join your group as she says you are a great bunch of friends.


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    Welcome Magnes! Buttonnose is right - we are a great bunch! lol :) Glad you are here!

    LW4M - I'm so glad you are back!!!! I love your posts, and I missed you:smooched:

    A4 - I do decaf for my sun tea - still yummy! Did you change your trainer appt yet???

    Prayerful ~ you should be a stick figure! That's burning a LOT of cals! You are my idol!

    Buttonnose - I'm sorry too 'bout those cookie tossing episodes - that would be miserable.

    I didn't do good on my water today, but good on food and did a 20 min. walk at lunch, and pretty strenuous housecleaning for about 45 min. when I got home - sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and such - broke a good sweat, worked a bit in the garden.

    I'm still really liking my new job. The people are super nice and the work is really satisfying. I feel really lucky to have found it! Yaaayy.

    K, gotta go night night. later,
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    Hiya team :flowerforyou: Welcome Magnes!!

    Well today started off great :smile: and I did well with my water and eating until this evening... Went out for a girls only evening with my daughters... went out to dinner and then to a movie... I know I went over on the cals, but because the restaurant has no nutritional information available I really don't know how to log it, so I'm not going to worry about it and of course I had a small popcorn at the movies... so yeah me bad on the food tonight but I did have a great time with my girls :smile: We deserve that once in a while and it sure was wonderful to have a few hours with just me and my daughters ... we never seem to do that because of all the different schedules we all have. So it was worth it :smile:

    Anyways I will do much better tomorrow.... I'm off to bed now, goodnight all, chat at ya tomorrow!
  • Hey everyone, I am back. Family wedding and a bad fall kept me off the computer for a whole week. Went on the treadmill today to burn off some of the doritos I ate today. (only 100 calories...:noway: )

    Great to see the encouragement going on ... the team will be back once summer holidays are over and people realize that you can never get rich farming (at least in real life) lol. I stayed away from mfp becasue my husband never got to talk to me - I was out exercising and then logging/posting. So I backed off for a while but will try to balance things now becasue I need the accountability from you guys.

    :drinker: back to drinking my 10 glasses of water tomorrow!