my weight loss pics (46 lbs down)



  • LesaDave
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    Looks GREAT!! Keep up the good/great work!
  • inittothinit42
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    That's a big change! Great job!
  • way to go! Motivation!!!
  • darlilama
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    That profile shot is amazing! Wow! You're doing great!
  • reneepugh
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    Amazing loss! Looking great!
  • cloud2011
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    Great job, way to go! Congratulations to you!
  • Dione4
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    That is awesome!!
  • DominiqueSmall
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    Wow! Awesome job dude! Noticable difference. You should be so proud of yourself!
  • Switty_Kitty
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    Wow! You're doing awesome!
  • MzCongeniality70
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    Looking great!! Keep up the good work, and keep that cute smile on your face!
  • bjwbmw
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    BIG DIFFERENCE - great Job!
  • cdnmom1
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    Dn't care if your man or woman, candid pictures like this are always an inspiration. THANK-YOU!!!! Way to go!!!!!
  • Anaconda62
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    Great job!! I love NSV's and progress pics!!
  • chunkiedunker
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    Thank you all. I was very nervous about posting these, because i dont see a huge difference in myself yet. I took them to get a side by side and do see a difference. I just wish i would have taken the pics this morning rather than at 9 at night.
  • Thank you for posting these so great to see what a huge difference!!!!! Your doing great !!! you and your fiancee are lucky to have each other :drinker:
  • melonsss
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    Such a big difference, your dedication and hard work is showing fantastic results. Thank you for sharing, such an inspiration :).
  • paulaann67
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    Yes you can see the difference! Thanks for sharing the photos it shows us what can be! Keep up the great work& you'll look great & feel great for your wedding!
  • rchupka87
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    Impressive!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  • MyTime1985
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    Awesome job! You look great!