Prawn Wraps

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So, I'm wondering what i should cook for dinner this evening and I'm thinking prawn wraps? Only problem is I'm not sure what to put with it! Any suggestions on good combos with prawns? What about a side too? Potatoes? Waffles? Homemade wedges? Some sort of fruit?



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    you could do an Asian style wrap with cilantro, ginger, carrots, cucumber and or cabbage. Could dip them in a thai peanut sauce. I found an organic peanut sauce that only had a few grams of fat per tablespoon and was very flavorful at winn dixie.
    or you could make a sauce out of sesame oil and seasoned rice wine vinegar.

    This one of my favorite shrimp/prawn recipes. Sprinkle some cajun/creole seasoning on the shrimp, then put one strip of an onion and one strip of jalapeno on top of the shrimp. Wrap the shrimp in a piece of turkey bacon and bake at 450 for 10 minutes. You can also add light cream cheese, which is delicious.
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    sounds delicious!! :happy:
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    Asparagus and rice sounds delicious to me :smile:
  • Here's mine, nice and easy, 100-150 grams of prawns, 30 grams of "light" mayo, mix that up. Line your wraps with lots of iceberg lettuce and a thinly sliced tomato, lay in your prawn "goo", wrap, eat :-) About 350 cals and a nice chunk of protein!
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