Quitting Smoking and Losing Weight

So I'm trying to quit smoking while losing weight. So many people tell me that this is incredibly difficult to do at the same time. Is anyone going through the same thing? Any tips to avoid oral fixations with food to supplement the smoking addiction?

Any help/advice is so very much appreciated!

<3 Alli


  • toni430
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    im doing it right now. im not losing as much as i would like because im craving salt and retaining water, but it is doable. your lungs will thank you, im on day 5 of no smokes at all...for the last few months i cut out my "crutch" smokes. first in the morning, with my coffee, after meals...trying to fill the void with something productive, slowly bringing my smoke count down to 2 a day for the last 3 weeks...one in the morning, and one in the evening. i do have an electronic cig that makes it so much easier with the whole hand mouth thing, you can get the fake ones with anywhere from 24g's of nicotine, to 0. carrots, and celery help too...but right now my thing is baked chips and beef jerky :\ good luck
  • bear_nakey
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    I quit in 2010 and haven't looked back. The first three days are the hardest, but after that, it is all a matter of simply not picking it up (which gets easier with time). I quit cold turkey too, so that made it definitely more interesting! I don't really have any tips or secrets, as I feel that if one truly wants to quit, they will succeed. Rather, I am posting just to let you know that it can be done, and also, that I feel amazing since I quit! It took about 6 months to really regain good lung function and for the coughing to cease, but now I can run, play, move... everything and it feels great!!! You can do this, just take it one day at a time!
  • InkedBeauty89
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    On the 9th it will be a month since i quit. i havent actually gained any weight, but i didnt lose for 3 weeks either. I finally dropped 2 lbs this last week which was nice. But the not losing was my fault because in quitting i allowed myself to eat a little more. But the funny thing is i still lost an inch from my waist while i was quitting just not any lbs. But i was also working out a lot more to try and keep my mind off of smoking. It can be done....its not easy, but you can do it!!
  • xHelloQuincyx
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    *bump* i need to quit too :/
  • asteria82
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    I took Zyban to quit. I didn't have any cravings and didn't gain any weight!
  • AZKristi
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    When I quit smoking I started exercising. I lost 15 pounds that year and I wasn't tracking calories. It is definitely possible. I'm sure tracking calories you could lose more than that. In the beginning, just go easy on yourself. Perhaps try eating at maintenance the first month and then reduce your calories when the edge starts to fade.
  • rextcat
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    nicorett minnie losenges, the ONLY thing that worked for me!
  • grumpy2day
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    Congratulations, you are Awesome!

    I'll be smoke free for 3 years in July. You can avoid gaining weight. When ever I had a craving I took a walk if it was possible, or a bike ride, or a hike or I gardened. It helped curb the craving, the scenery was distracting and I was burning calories and unable to successfuly snack while doing those things. I started crocheting again and doing empbroidery and cross-stitch again also. These things I had to concentrate on and they kept my hands busy and my mind engaged in other things (again it made it harder to snack) with the added bonus of having something beautiful when I completed it. Idleness, I think, is the biggest obstacle, it gives us too much time to dwell on what we percieve ourselves to be missing and our desire to orally substitute for that perception.

    Get yourself busy! It really works all the way around. Good luck, you have this licked and you really do know it!
  • Cliffslosinit
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    I stopped smoking March 18, 2012. I smoked about 36 yrs.
    The urges do come and they come on strong. I have found it's the repetitive things I do that trigger them. Old habits. Change what you do when they come. Like grumpy2day says refocus on something different. Keep busy. Remember "an idle mind is the devil's playground". Wish you much success in all you do!! We are here to help each other. Good Luck!!!!!
  • cpettigrew
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    I am using Chantix to quit smoking. Have been cigarette free for 15 days now. I didn't gain any weight, or have any problems with oral fixations. My issue was breaking the habit because I smoked at exactly the same time at certain points during the day. i actually thought that quitting the same time I changed my diet, and started exercising was brilliant. Get the body over the shock all at once.
  • Steph7x
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    I was a light smoker but i too was worried about the weight gain, i have been smoke free for almost 3weeks that first week i lost 4lbs. I will definately say do it..my biggest difference is my skin, i look much more awake and fresh even only having been a couple a day smoker. Oh and i also found my hunger reduced i'm sure thats weird? Good luck :)
  • EchoOfYourPast
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    I am trying to quit smoking as well.. i am using the nicotine patch...have been doing pretty good. Hopefully, with the exercise and proper diet...i can lose some weight as well as be smoke - free....if any of ya'll would like to add me...feel free!
    Sandra :)
  • t2kburl
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    Count me in.
    I'm going to the doc soon to get the Chantix prescription. Wish my insurance paid for that!
    I'm also just starting Nutrisystem.
  • SummerLovesPhil
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    Count me in.
    I'm going to the doc soon to get the Chantix prescription. Wish my insurance paid for that!
    I'm also just starting Nutrisystem.

    Call your insurance company. I learned while I was doing medical billing that they don't cover Chantix/Zyban/nicotine replacement under the regular program, but they have a separate smoking cessation program that will provide these things plus guidance for FREE.
  • jojo4cats
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    I lost nearly 40 pounds the same year that I quit smoking which is 2 years ago. It is doable!!
    I chew a lot of Orbit sugar-free gum to help with the craving. My little handmade wallets & purses business also started to take shape at beginning of that year, that truly helps me shifting my focus. To get rid of any bad habit, changing your life style (hobby, diet, work) and exercising are enough to keep your mind off. You can do it!!
  • NancyNiles
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    I quit one year ago. The reason people gain weight when they quit is because they eat to keep their mouth and hands busy. I chewed on cinnamon sticks. They are like wood, but yummy, lol. You can chew them for HOURS and they dry out and you can chew 'em again later or the next day. Anytime you would reach for a cigarette, grab a cinnamon stick and chew/suck on it. If you get the kind that are small, they are about the same size as a cigarette. But I smoked 2 packs a day for 25 years, so I ordered a 1 lb bag of the larger sticks from Amazon.com. I only needed them for a few months. After that the oral fixation had passed.
  • HotAshMess
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    I quit 3 years ago this month, but recently picked it back up. Grrr. Kinda mad at myself for it. But what helped me was cutting way, way down (like 2 a day) by being too busy to smoke, chewing gum, ect. By the time I reached the end of the pack, they were so old and nasty (I hate the taste of old, stale, nasty cigarettes) that smoking them was a gross chore. This majorly turned me off the taste. I put them down and didn't light up again for at least a year (there was a funeral, I got stressed). During the funeral, I allowed myself to smoke for those 3 days that everything was going on, I finished the pack and didn't touch them again. Now I'm smoking again...and I'm kind of ok with it at the moment. But when I choose to quit again, I'm going to use the same techniques I use to avoid munching.....chewing gum, doing things that occupy my hands so I can't use them to eat or smoke (manicures, making jewelry, scrapbooking, sending actual birthday cards!)
  • RobsGirl73
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    ExcersiZe and chew sugar free gum, I personally still smoke the last time I quit I went from 175 to 235 I just piled in junk. I want to try those air cigs.anyone try them?