NSV first 1/2 Marathon in the books!

jdelot Posts: 397 Member
I ran my first 1/2 marathon yesterday. I ended up training for 20 weeks using the "Smartcoach" on www.runnersworld.com. My goal time was 1:53:36 (8:40 pace.) I finished in 1:50:37 (8:27 pace.) My legs and feet are sore, and I'm still a little sleepy...but I'm quite proud of myself and wanted to share.


  • BrianSharpe
    BrianSharpe Posts: 9,243 Member
    Congratulations! I haven't cracked 2 hrs yet........
  • LilRedRooster
    LilRedRooster Posts: 1,421 Member
    Wow, great job! I only dream of running a half that fast, haha. Congrats!!
  • brandyk77
    brandyk77 Posts: 605 Member
    great job!
  • jrusso28
    jrusso28 Posts: 249 Member
    Awesome !!
    I hope to do a half marathon before the year is up.
    Way to go!
  • DG_Allen
    DG_Allen Posts: 219 Member
    Great Job and great time for your first Half. Inspiring!
  • kbogart1996
    kbogart1996 Posts: 55 Member
    Congrats, that is so awesome.
  • jdelot
    jdelot Posts: 397 Member
    Thanks everybody.
  • myjourney2
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  • teacherkatz
    teacherkatz Posts: 101 Member
    Congratulations!!! Great time!!
  • lporter229
    lporter229 Posts: 4,907 Member
    Way to go. I also did a half on Sunday ...BUT...not my first and not as fast (2:07:18 for me). So you definitely have my respect! Congrats on a great accomplishment.
  • cushygal
    cushygal Posts: 586 Member
    Amazing time.. Congrats to you
  • AmyEm3
    AmyEm3 Posts: 784 Member
    Congratulations! That's a great time.
  • laurapgmartinez
    laurapgmartinez Posts: 46 Member
    Congratulations!!!!! My first was nice and sloooow at 2:35, lol!! Great job!
  • grendel322
    grendel322 Posts: 105 Member
    Great accomplishment and great time! You deserve to be proud!
  • Sox90716
    Sox90716 Posts: 976 Member
    Congratulations! Awesome time and pace!
  • steflbrown
    steflbrown Posts: 168
    Great job!!!
  • agthorn
    agthorn Posts: 1,844 Member
    Nice job! I also did my first half on Sunday (though not as fast as you - 2:18:40). Congrats!
  • scribb
    scribb Posts: 3,659 Member
    That is awesome.
  • sirpilsofd
    sirpilsofd Posts: 16 Member
    Way to go man!