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Vegan & Raw Foodists?

jenbensterjenbenster Member Posts: 16 Member Posts: 16

So I am vegan and I do like to dabble with raw vegan food, particularly desserts which isn't necessarily a good thing.

I wanted to ask, do any other vegans or raw foodists find it hard to lose weight or were their any setbacks or plateaus?

I know that it is easy to fall into the nuts trap and eating far too many of them or avocados which though are good fats are quite high in calories.

I'm trying to work out meal plans that will fill me up but won't go over my calorie limit. I'm stuck in a terrible plateau at the moment.

What do you usually eat? I'm also going to switch from whey protein powder to hemp I think if anybody has ever tried that?


  • MotorCityFemmeFataleMotorCityFemmeFatale Member Posts: 222 Member Member Posts: 222 Member
    Raw vegan desserts are great and it reality can be eaten as a "meal". The mistake, as you already mentioned, it avoiding the "fat trap". Many raw vegan foodies intake a huge amount of nuts, seeds and avocados.

    As with anything, moderation and variety is key.

    Hemp is a great protein powder (whey is not vegan).
  • vegansaravegansara Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    When I'm trying to increase my raw foods intake I make a couple of dips - either a sunflower seed pate or a raw cashew dip - and couple that with raw flax crackers. And of course, smoothies smoothies smoothies.

    There are a couple of raw groups on here if you're interested - might find some good info!
  • jenbensterjenbenster Member Posts: 16 Member Posts: 16
    Ah yes, I was vegetarian while I was using my why protein powder, just haven't had a chance to get my new hemp one, really glad it's good though, I spotted some in the health food shop near me.

    Ah yes smoooothies, do you use any sort of milks like rice milk, kara milk or almond milk? I'm trying to choose the best one, and almond has always been my top choice but is very expensive here, I think it's quite low in calories too?

    Oh, yes I shall have a look around and find a group, that'd be great!

    On that note I've just made a raw avocado and lemon pie along with a potato, leek and coriander soup. But it's too early for dinner! >__< Oh how I torment myself.
  • vegansaravegansara Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    I don't usually put any type of milk in my smoothies. Right now my standard has been spinach or kale, strawberries, protein powder, and orange juice. Also I add in ground flax and chia seeds. Sometimes I add different fruits, and if I don't have any orange juice I just add water.
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