Is it worth buying a bike?



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    Absolutely worth it if you plan to commute or make rides to regularly replace your motor vehicle. I've been shattering my daily calorie goals by simply riding my bike to most of the places I'd usually take my car. I think, at least for me, The bike wouldn't have been a good investment if I planned to use it for the expressed purpose of exercise. This is because I hate doing exercise for its own sake. Doing it this way gives the ride a purpose: get where you need to be. Then the exercise takes care of itself ;)
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    Yeah would love to go on bike rides when he's a bit older!! We have a few hills, not a ton but enough that I can get around a few!

    When he's 11 you might even get to ride with him on Mother's Day, like I did with my rugrat, today.
    Great Picture!

    Yes, he was pretending to pick his nose. 11 year old boys are just as silly as full-grown ones. :huh:
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    get a bike
    and a bike trailer for your child
    ride him to the park, day centre or where ever\
    here are some bike trailers -
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    Brilliant thank you all for the replies!

    My minds made up I will definatly get one. I don't have a car yet but will do soon i'm so close to finishing my driving lessons, but I've known from the start I wont use the car unless needed! Bad weather and getting my son to nursery or his nanas when I'm working ect.

    I'm quite excited now!! I'm in the UK is there any certain good make of bikes or shall I just go anywhere and try one out??

    Is there any way I can get something for it to know my MPH and how far I've rode?

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    Love my bike and my girls are 6years old and 5years old and they keep up just fine we did a mothersday ride as well :)

    I found my bike on craigs list for 50.00 it was almost brand new still had all the paper work with it and would have cost me around 300.00 new so its always worth a shot to check out your local sales
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    Get one- it's awesome. My kids are just getting old enough to tag along which is cool too.
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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bike rides. I would STRONGLY suggest a bike. Depending on your riding conditions... you can burn some serious calories in a very short amount of time. Start out conditioning on the road, then take it off road (mountain biking is a blast! Especially downhills!) Don't forget to buy a helmet and portable air pump with a patch kit... you WILL get a flat and you WILL need to be prepared! :wink:
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    If you walk 25 minutes to work, perhaps you could bike it instead and just add some extra on so that you are still taking 30 minutes to get to the office, but you are getting a ride in first.

    If you wind up in a hurry you can skip the extra and go straight in, but if not you can extend out, get your workout (part of it) done and not take any more of your day time.

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    I totally agree with buying a bike.. You will get plenty of enjoyment out of it plus the exercise. Then you can use it for some great family adventures with your kids. Plus it will keep you motivated while providing ample fresh air with the benefits of Sunshine.
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    According to my HRM, I burn about 10 calories per minute on my rides with my HR up in the 160-180 range. I live on the east coast of Florida, so the only hill I see is the approach to a draw bridge. Even riding on the flat is an excellent workout.
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    I've been cycling to work since early February on a cheap bike I've had for years.

    Got knocked off by a car on Thursday & not looking forward to cycling on the roads again but I don't have much choice.
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    I bike, and I love it. I typically do approximately a 20 mile ride once a week and try to cram in about an hour twice a week. I definitely think it helps with weight loss, especially when I partnered it with things like 30 Day Shred for some strength, too!
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    I was considering purchasing a bike myself but my city is not very bike friendly. It's full of bridges and tunnels that bicycles are not allowed to go through/over. I would pretty much be confined to the neighborhood I live in. Our bicyclists usually take their bicycles to parks on a bus or car and ride there and that's too much hassle for me.
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    I would never give up my mountain bike. It was a lot of money for me at the time and I never thought I'd get as much use out of it as I do. It's great exercise - smooth but steady cardio. I'm doing 25-30 minutes 4 or 5 times per week as I'm starting out again, but I got up to an hour or more way back when. I will warn you that you'll want to start out slow for the first few times and build up because er... the seat can cause some discomfort. Until your butt muscles tense up and get used to it, it'll be rough!
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    They did not read your 2nd post about getting a speedometer.
    Yes you can get a speedo with tripmeter.
    It attaches to the wheel support and there is a magnet on the spoke. The readout is on the handlebars.
    You program it for the circumference of the wheel.
    Tells you how fast and how far you have been.
    Ask at your bike shop.
    As for test driving and advice see your nearest bike shop, or you may have some environment/recycle shop where you can have a look at resurrected bikes.
    I am getting my bike parts moved to a girly frame cos I can no longer lift my leg over the cross bar :/ due to knee injury. Looking forward to being on the road again. I have a speedo and I must confess a lambswool seat cover lols.
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    There is a really cool app for the Iphone called Strava. It does GPS of your routes, keeps up with your fastest times, gives you your average speed, top speed, distance and also elevation climb. When my computer stopped working, this was a quick fix now i use it on every ride. Plus its Free.
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    Thanks again for all the replies!

    I've not rode in years since I was like 12, so I'm guessing it'll be painful at first!

    How much are these speedometers roughly? Do you know?

    And I've got the iphone I'll look for this app, do I need something to attach it to me/bike or does it just work in my pocket?

    Brilliant, will be browsing bikes on my pay day :) Or it's my 21st next week so might treat myself!
  • Yes, yes, 1000x yes! Go for it! You won't regret it. You might also want to check out Selene Yeager's book, "Ride Your Way Lean," which is very encouraging on riding a bike to lose weight and get fit. I'm reading it right now.

    You can ride to work or to school and help not just yourself but the environment. You can ride your bike to do errands you would usually do by car. (See Clif Bar's 2-mile challenge online.) Or you can ride during your lunch hour or before or after school or work. It's a lot of fun to join a riding group and ride with friends on the weekends.

    I burned 1330 calories yesterday just biking.
  • Regarding apps for biking, there are a couple I like. I use Bike Brain to share my rides for the Clif Bar 2-mile challenge and MapMyFitness for my training rides.

    I also have a somewhat expensive bike computer for my road bike, a Garmin Edge 800, but there are much cheaper models that don't have as many bells and whistles and there are cheaper brand bike computers that will probably give you everything you might need.

    I'm bike crazy and have 4 bikes. I've had to promise my husband I'll stop buying them for awhile. I have a road bike, a high-end British folding bike that folds down to next to nothing, an older folding bike, and a new Dutch-style grocery-getting bike.
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    Have you heard of Cyclescheme (a scheme to allow you to buy bikes tax-free through your employer)? It might be worth looking into as you're in the UK. Have fun!