How do you keep track of your FITNESS?

_Schatzi_ Posts: 112 Member
I'm looking for good apps or websites for tracking fitness. I have yet to find one that does what I want it to do: log my workouts, track calories, miles, heart rate (to recieve ANT+ HRM info would be awesome), and show my daily, weekly, and monthly progress.

I use right now. It logs my workouts, but is mostly for running/biking/hiking. The iPhone app is great for that (tracks GPS, recieves HRM info) but it's terrible at recording strength training progress and exercise such as aerobics.

Do any of you have a super-awesome app or website that you use that does it all that I don't know about?


  • _Schatzi_
    _Schatzi_ Posts: 112 Member
  • laurapgmartinez
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    I use since I have a Garmin GPS watch.... not sure if you can use it with out having a Garmin device or not?