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I love Burpees!

sapaleesapalee Member Posts: 416 Member Posts: 416
That's all, just wanted to throw that out there so they don't feel bad from all the hatin'


  • XFitMojoMomXFitMojoMom Member Posts: 3,260 Member Member Posts: 3,260 Member
    there's something seriously wrong with you :laugh:
  • taso42taso42 Member Posts: 9,426 Member Member Posts: 9,426 Member
    you straight trippin
  • CAH1968CAH1968 Member Posts: 14 Member Member Posts: 14 Member
    speaking of burpees, why is there no mention of them on this site? WOuld like to log them in if I could!
  • TanyaclareTanyaclare Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    yep reallllly realllly wrong I hate burpees

    my PT instructor gives them to me as pentlies when I moan and when I don't try hard

    hate them hate them hate them
  • jppd47jppd47 Member Posts: 737 Member Member Posts: 737 Member
    Have you done them with one leg suspended, TRX style? :)
  • mayerelmayerel Member Posts: 257 Member Member Posts: 257 Member
    We do them at Krav and Boxing....I haaaaaaate them.
  • michellekicksmichellekicks Member, Premium Posts: 3,631 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3,631 Member
    there's something seriously wrong with you :laugh:

    ^^This. :tongue:
  • victoria4321victoria4321 Member Posts: 1,737 Member Member Posts: 1,737 Member
    I secretly love burpees too! I don't tell any cause they'll think I'm crazy lol. I did a workout where we had to do a set of 40 burpees, then 30, then 20, then 10. There was other stuff in the middle but I was excited to do so many burpees :bigsmile:
  • OfficialPROfficialPR Member Posts: 1,632 Member Posts: 1,632
  • AirCircleIAirCircleI Member Posts: 334 Member Member Posts: 334 Member
    I am with you! I used to hate them because I found them really hard. Now that my fitness has increased I love doing the things that I used to hate (because I really struggled with them). This includes burpees, push-ups and plank. Now I like to challenge myself to do more than I could before.
    I used to struggle to do 5 push ups and yesterday I did 100!
  • WerglumWerglum Member Posts: 378 Member Member Posts: 378 Member
    I did 103 traveling burpees today, they are easier than the traditional ones - I don't think I could have done them all if they weren't the traveling variety.
  • likeschocolatelikeschocolate Member Posts: 368 Member Member Posts: 368 Member
    Didn't know what a burpee was. Youtube has a beginner version which sounds good for newbies like me:
  • sarahrichards81sarahrichards81 Member Posts: 79 Member Posts: 79
    I love them too and there are loads of variations you can do:

    Burpees with a tuck jump, burpees with 2 'superman' poses whilst in the plank position, one-leg suspended burpees (as someone else mentioned), burpees with 2 punches after the jump, burpees with a medicine ball.... I could go on.

    They totally rinse the calories too.

    Perhaps the reason I love them so is because they are literally the only exercise I can do more of than my fiance!
  • hennybenhennyben Member Posts: 317 Member Posts: 317
    there's something seriously wrong with you :laugh:

    ^OMFG This!!
  • xxrainxxxxrainxx Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    oh ive to start them next monday so not excited about this :laugh:
  • Aperture_ScienceAperture_Science Member Posts: 840 Member Member Posts: 840 Member
    OP You are mad.
  • jppd47jppd47 Member Posts: 737 Member Member Posts: 737 Member
    Total fan of the tuck jump variation :)
  • mayerelmayerel Member Posts: 257 Member Member Posts: 257 Member

    That being said...our gym had a 100 burpee challenge. Each class you were in, you'd do 100 burpees...hurt so good.
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