CURVES <--- Need feedback

I am thinking about starting to go to curves for my daily workout. I have heard a lot of + feedback and I would like some advise from you all here on MFP.

Anyone engage in curves as their daily workout regiment. Any input and feedback. Please. I need something!


  • charityheckler
    charityheckler Posts: 25 Member
    Ok, I am right there with you... Working out at home is getting hard, and I need some me time. I too would like to know what the critics have to say about Curves?
  • Lozze
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    Are there no other women's only gyms in your area? That are a proper gym. I was a member at Curves and while it was a good start within a month I wanted more. You can't really tailor your program to your needs.

    If you do have a women's only gym in your area then more than likely they'll have a circuit class anyways.
  • jporche77
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    See if you can get a pass to try it out. I think the main thing is to see if it fits your fitness personality.
  • bizco
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    Asked & answered many times. Use the community Search tool for more info. Here's the most recent thread:
  • 10acity
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    I was a member at Curves like 8 years ago... it was a really good starting point for me, but I was over 260 lbs and almost entirely sedentary at the time. I think Curves is a good thing as an introduction to exercise or for the very overweight/older women/people with injuries, etc. Like someone else said.. there's no flexibility to vary your workouts there.

    At 22 years old and with 40ish lbs to lose, I don't think Curves is going to give you much bang for your buck. If there's a Planet Fitness near you, that might be a good option. Dirt cheap and offers a lot more than Curves.
  • juliaamilee
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    I didnt like it, I tried twice had to sign a contract both times, wasted my money. I did nt like the circut. But I get bored quick. So go try it out see if they will let you try a few times before joining.
  • NancyNiles
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    Go ahead and ask all you like. Don't let the mega jerks tell you to spend the day searching to see what people thought two weeks ago. There are new people on every day with new thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Honestly, everything has probably been asked at least once. So ignore the self-appointed forum police and feel welcome to ask whatever you want. If they don't want to read it for the 100th time, then they don't have to click on it.

    Me, personally, I joined a sort of co-ed type Curves and found it sort of limited. I outgrew it within a couple months and wanted more than it had to offer. That's just my experience.
  • gigglediva
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    I have never tried Curves, but I did use a similar circuit type of gym. It was a great place for a short time, but there really wasn't much variety and I got bored very quickly! It really depends on what is available in your area, but some regular gyms have a "woman's only" area and there could be lots of great classes to try.