74 pounds down and i'm finally in that bikini!



  • kdeaux1959
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    awesome. Great job. Keep up the great work on redefining the new you.
  • whitneyas
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    Amazing! You look wonderful!
  • jboccio90
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    You give me hope!

  • wow you look AMAZING. OH MY how many calories did you set on MFP? Did you stay under or right at target? I NEED HELP and its getting depressing. Oh did I say you look AMAZING?????? Great Job:flowerforyou:
  • annlouise2
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    You look brilliant, welldone you should be so proud :)
  • Girl u look absoulutely great!!!!
  • Jugie12
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    Killer legs, girlfriend!!
  • A_New_Horizon
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    WOW - what a transformation - congrats on the 74 lbs gone and getting into a bikini - you look amazing
  • Rays_Wife
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    You look insanely good. Congratulations!! You've done an amazing job.
  • aimelee
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    wow, you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! great job!!!
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    You look AMAZING! :) hard work pays off.
  • Msaip
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    WOW Totally AWESOME! I can't wait to reach my goal!!!!!
  • kgprice11
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    It is my one year anniversary on MFP so I figured its time to post some pics. I went from 205 to 131 pounds and I feel absolutely amazing! Like any typical person beginning to workout I did lots of cardio and yes it worked I dropped lots of weight but I didn't really see definition and muscle until I incorporated strength training. I love weights! I continue to push myself everyday and i'm always reading about nutrition and exercise. I think its very important to educate yourself. I have learned a lot along the way and what works best for me. I cant wait to see what I can do in another year!

    205 pounds right after I had my son.

    131 pounds

    Dam you look amazing congrats on losing all of that weight!!!! You are an inspiration to many.
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    fantastic :drinker:
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    WOW! Now that's what I am working for, THANK YOU for the reminder. YOU LOOK HEALTHY.
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    INCREDIBLE!! congrats!
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    WOW! Awesome job, Very well done!
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    Amazing body!!! :D
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    You look awesome and much younger (and you started looking pretty young!) Great job, very inspiring.
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    WOW! I'm so inspired! Your tummy is awesome! That's my motiviation. :O)