self sabatoge:(

I am at a loss on what to do. Not sure what is causing me to constantly self sabatoge my weightloss plan. It has been like this for 14 years but even worse the last 6 years:(

About 6 years ago I did weight watchers. I was losing alot. I got to 170 lbs and decided I could do it alone. I did well for a week then went back to my bad eating. Fast forward found MFP about a year ago and did well was down in the 170's then I decided that a mini candy bar daily wouldn't hurt. At first it was fine and slowly 20 lbs went back on. I started again recently on my own. For whatever reason once I get to 170 lbs I self destruct. I even try to have pep talks with myself that I hate the extra 20 lbs and to keep working for losing weight instead of caving. It's a will power thing and I don't get why I can't over come this hurdle?

I miss being 110 lbs. I just need to figure out how to stop being my own worst enemy.

Anyone else deal with this issue? How did you over come it?


  • liog
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    We have to decide that we are worth the effort, and worthy of the results and changes that come along with that effort. My circumstances were different, but I had to decide the same thing. I deserve to be the person I want to be, the person I've always known that I could be. My body has carried me through the self-abuse, with a heart defect to boot, and hasn't given up or given out so I'm not going to either.
  • nataliespq
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    Yes, I am currently dealing with this (again). My goal was to lose 7-10 pounds over the last few months before I saw some friends that I haven't seen in years. The first month I did fairly well, but then I just got irritated that the weight was coming off as fast as I wanted even though I felt as if I was exercising and keeping within the MFP 1200 calorie range. Now, it's 2 weeks before I see my friends and whatever weight I lost, I have found. I am wondering why I feel the need to sabotage myself and then beat myself for doing so. It hit home yesterday when I was at the gym yesterday and saw some people that I use to take class with and noticed how great they were looking and how fat and pudgy I was feeling. How do I get the right mind set to stay with me (permanently)?!
  • kgprice11
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    Self perseverance is the key to success. Eating healthy is also a benefit but controlling your eating habits and being your own worst enemy is also key to stopping you from eating junk and plateauing then gaining the weight back. You can do it!!
  • kristen6022
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    I always joke that I'm 1 cookie/hot wing/potato chip away from my high weight. I'm now about 5 pounds below my goal and still have to be very careful not to gain it all back. I worked hard to get to where I am and I'm not going back there. Being thin is much better than certain food. You've got to wrap your brain around that. It will give you the motivation to keep going...