Opinions on chest hair

tehdux0r Posts: 41 Member
Okay, everyone. This has probably already been answered, but I'll ask anyway. What is the popular opinion on chest hair? What looks good? What looks bad? What is acceptable?


  • Flugangst
    Flugangst Posts: 98 Member
    Sexy, for the most part. But there is such a thing as too much or too little, imo.
  • Jarnard
    Jarnard Posts: 497 Member
    I shave mine... i have back hair and I shave that .
  • nakedsun
    nakedsun Posts: 115
    I prefer none to light.

    Im not really into a guy that has a ton, its just not my preference. My partner has a small/light amount of chest hair, just some on the chest and a happy trail. I'm good with that.
  • juliecat1
    juliecat1 Posts: 3,455 Member
    Loooooove it!
  • r3ban1x
    r3ban1x Posts: 51 Member
    Chest hair is awesome, I absolutely love it. Can't stand a guy who shaves his body hair. A ton of back hair is gross but that's really rare. Chest hair, arm hair, leg hair, facial hair, all are great.
  • MoreBean13
    MoreBean13 Posts: 8,701 Member
    I'm not a fan. Back hair and shoulder/upper arm hair really grosses me out, chest hair I can tolerate, but I don't care for it.
  • snw_
    snw_ Posts: 237 Member
    I actually like it. a lot.

    not saying i dont like a guy without it, but when they do, i find it very manly and therefore it can be very sexy.

    (i particularly like it on carpenters. for the record.)
  • sleepytexan
    sleepytexan Posts: 3,138 Member
    There are so many criteria for choosing a mate; if body hair (or lack thereof) is a priority, the demise of the relationship is inevitable.
  • Pocket_Pixi
    Pocket_Pixi Posts: 1,167 Member
    I like it.. but there is such a thing as too much - If you look like you are wearing a sweater when you take off your shirt thats a bit to much for me.
  • dayone987
    dayone987 Posts: 645 Member
    ok on men, not so much for women
  • albinogorilla
    albinogorilla Posts: 1,056 Member
    if you are chubby leave the hair on.............if not..........shave it off
  • yelpat
    yelpat Posts: 414 Member
    Chest hair doesn't bother me but clean shaven or waxed is sexy as hell
  • cls_333
    cls_333 Posts: 206 Member
    Love hairy chests, I want a manly man, not a GQ man! I do know though that nowadays all young girls thinks it's gross, and all young guys shave. It's a trend I guess.
  • teagirlmedium
    teagirlmedium Posts: 679 Member
    I prefer no hair. I hate it when a guy has chest hair.
  • giggles7706
    giggles7706 Posts: 1,491 Member
    I love chest hair :D
  • hawt on a man. Scary on a lady.

    Man also gets super sexy bonus points if he has facial hair. Yum
  • I hate chest hair. But if I really like a guy, it doesn't matter to me if he has it or not.
  • 152dbs
    152dbs Posts: 116 Member
    im keeping mine...makes me feel like Magnum, P.I. back hair i cannot stand and my wife waxes mine.
  • dollipop
    dollipop Posts: 379 Member
    I like it clipped. Or bare.
  • ValiCaly
    ValiCaly Posts: 111
    Love it!