Having a Pet/Overall Health

Im told that having a pet can improve your overall health. Ive wanted an English bulldog for the longest. Does anyone know the pro/cons of owning an English Bulldog? Thanks


  • josiereside
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    I believe they are prone to a lot of health problems, breathing issues, skin issues. I had a friend who lost her 18 month old bull dog to congestive heart failure. He was allergic to grass. Another friend of mine has one and it has had eye issues. I love bull dogs to death but if you are an active person, you may want to think about getting a somewhat active dog, bull dogs tend to be VERY lazy... Nothing better than taking your dog for a walk! Good for the both of you! I have a lab and I walk him pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day, unless the weather is bad.
  • cmriverside
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    I hope this isn't your first dog. Bull Dogs are very strong and have a very strong disposition. If you are not an experienced dog person, I'd say pick another breed. They were bred to fight bulls. Do you want that type of dog? Strong, forceful, fighters? That is the breed, so read up on it a lot before making your decision.

    If you do get one, be ready to take the dominant position from the moment you meet him/her. They will exploit any weakness you show.
  • kgprice11
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    English bulldogs have a lot of health problems over time. I have always got a mutt from the local pound and raised it from 6 weeks old. I love my dog and he always keeps me active
  • sslia
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    I'm a vet student and bulldogs (while adorable and generally sweet) are really not a good choice. They are prone to many, many health issues and have a very strong + stubborn personality in general. I've encountered far too many improperly trained ones because of owner ignorance.
    I'd recommend a mixed breed/mutt and definitely from a shelter or rescue. There are far too many in need of a good home!
  • Jugie12
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    English bulldogs are GREAT pets - protective, affectionate, thrive on companioship. They are quite gentle and loveable now compared to their bullbaiting days - the fierceness has been all but bred right out of them.

    Bulldogs do, however, require care from a vet experienced with bulldog health support. They are prone to a lot of skin issues (you have to clean the folds of their skin and dry them daily to keep them real healthy), eye problems (again, skin folds) and breathing issues (again.,.. skin folds). They are also prone to heart problems and are very sensitive to heat. They are not an outdoor dog and are not up for long, brisk walks. they are active, yes, but do best inside in the a/c where they can romp and play.

    Be ready for hefty vet bills, generally speaking, a serious grooming routine and lots of time to train and spend with them playing and loving on them. They're not the easiest to care for and they do cost A LOT OF MONEY to purchase a healthy animal. But, as I said, they are wonderful dogs and awesome companions.