HUGE NSV for me!

tistal Posts: 869 Member
I AM NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT! My BMI is just below the healthy range!!!! I know a lot of folks dont put too much stock into BMI, but for me, this is huge! HUGE! I am a happy girl today!!!


  • eriemer
    eriemer Posts: 197
    That is great!
  • cindyhoney2
    cindyhoney2 Posts: 614 Member
    Awesome job!
  • inittothinit42
    inittothinit42 Posts: 64 Member
    Hurrah for you! I can't wait until I reach that goal. :smile:
  • Wonderwoman2677
    Wonderwoman2677 Posts: 434 Member
    That is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to join you there. :)
  • sninny
    sninny Posts: 228 Member
    Congrats!! I am working toward that goal myself. :)
  • invisibubble
    invisibubble Posts: 662 Member
    I don't (and didn't) put much stock into it either, but hitting normal weight range did feel amazing, nonetheless. Well done you!
  • Finally22
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    Very huge NSV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!
  • Gwenski
    Gwenski Posts: 350 Member
    That is a HUGE deal! Ok. now give yourself a big pat on the back from me.. go ahead.. right now... do it!
    Congratulations! I can't wait to get there..
    Oddly enough, I was happy to get out of 'super obese' to just plain old 'morbidly obese'
    Don't ya think they should change the scale.. I mean I think super sounds better than morbid but it's the other way around.. go figure.
    Can't wait to be where you are... thanks for inspiring me today!
  • SoozeE512
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    That's wonderful! Much congratulations, you must feel fantastic!

    I'm 5 lbs away from my goal to get to the highest weight for a normal BMI. It's so close yet so far away! I can't wait to get there so I can reset my goal to aim for the middle of my 'normal' BMI range.
  • kidskart
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    That's wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing, it's a definate goal!!!! Super!!!!
  • wantstolooseweight
    wantstolooseweight Posts: 166 Member
    WOOHOO!!!! I can't wait for that way... personally I don't agree with BMI but it will be nice to have the Dr/people who do stop looking at me like I'm gross because I'm out of the healthy range. Congratulations!
  • MrsKearns
    MrsKearns Posts: 38 Member
    AWESOME! I was super excited to get from "obese" to "overweight"....and I only weigh 200lbs at 5'8 I would ideally liked to be 150ish. Keep up the great work!
  • Ke22yB
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    whether people put alot of stock in it or not it is great for you to get there and enjoy it I had just about reached it and went to the Drs and he measured me I am 64 and informed me I was 1/2 inch shorter so my BMI was higher accordingly and I was back over 30 and obese again I was depressed for days so big deal or not its important to us congratulations
  • Glassgal01
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    Congratulation!!! You Look great, Your Legs look awsome! Great Job!