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    Hi and welcome! Feel free to add me too!
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    You are welcome to add me
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    Hello and welcome!! Please, ANYONE, feel free to add me:)
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    Welcome, feel free to add me. I log in daily and track everything.
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    Feel free to add me! I too would love encouraging adult friends (I've had a ton of very young people - 14 and under - requesting and I won't friend children along this journey, just my preference) who have advice to offer and who also need support!
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    Y'all feel free to add me! We *all* need encouragement and someone to be excited with us when we reach a goal or do good on our calories for the day or something. :D
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    I'm just starting again today, need all the support and motivation possible! Hopefully I can be supportive too :) Feel free to add me.
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    You will do great ! The people here are awesome
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    Anyone feel free to add me

    I've been on MFP over 12 months, I don't judge people or their diaries and don't like it when people do, I eat crap when I want to and run when I want to, I'm no personal trainer but any tips I've picked up I'll willingly pass on.


    A diet is a life choice NOT life sentence, don't punish yourself.
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    Anyone can feel free to add me! Motivation and support is always welcome and I'd be glad to return the favor!!! :)
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    Welcome to MFP! It's a great tool! Feel free to add me.
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    I would love to have some support (and give it) too!
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    I need any support I can get. So please add me too and I will do the same.
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    Feel free to add me !!!
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    feel free to add me any and all freinds welcomed. the more support the greater the chances. best of luck..
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    Anyone is also welcome to add me! I log in every day, and full of support. :)
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    Welcome!! I am just restarting and would love to give support and get some too, anyone can add me. I log everyday. :smile:
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    Me toooo! I am about 5'3 and just weighed myself at 163 pounds. I really want to get back down to 130. The problem is, I keep starting to do better and just can't seem to hold it!!!! Each time is "I'm going to do it this time!" I'm hoping this site will help me keep better track and find others trying to do the same...

    Hello! Please feel free to add me too :). I'm just getting started and could use encouragement and can definitely give it to. The above almost describes me except I'm at 180 so I have at least an additional 20lbs more to lose over your set goal. Could really use the encouragement and friends througout this life experience and journey.:smile:
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    Me too! I have been doing this for a couple of months now and I really have been motivated by hearing from others. My favorite thing is to be able to give support and hopefully help someone else stay motivated!! :smile: Feel free to add me to your friend list!
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    Oh I'm new too, would love some friends on here for mutual motivation, please feel free to add!