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I'm a snack monster needing friends!

acobrien5 Posts: 10 Member
I was on this website about a year ago and found it amazing! I was at a point in my life where i wasn't such a happy camper adn this gave me something to focus on. I focused a little bit TOO much on it and possibly became a bit obsessive with it. A year later... I have sorted a lot of life stuff out AND I'M BACK. Happier but a little bit heavier! I have a mouth that loves to chew on everything. Crunchy things... and dips! I need to break up with the ranch dressing and find another outlet for my snack monster innards.

I have been trying to get back into running and have had success upping my distance which is AWESOME so any fellow runners out there wanting to share tips with a 'beginner' i would love to friend you!


  • hippyrejected
    hippyrejected Posts: 46 Member
    I was on here before too but lost motivation. I'm back now and determined this time! I'm a demon for pizza but really trying to avoid that aisle in the supermarket. You can add me if you like for mutual support :)
  • Run4Health66
    Hey! what's your goal on your running? I run around 30 miles per week, but my goal is 40.