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New to the Challenge

I joined this web site several months back but quickly lost my motivation. Here I am again in hopes that this time I can and will be successful in my weight loss goals. I will be needing as many friends to help me stay focus and to incourage me along the way.



  • laurie0507
    laurie0507 Posts: 92 Member
    You can add me, we can try and motivate each other!
  • hippyrejected
    hippyrejected Posts: 46 Member
    Hi there, I was on before too but kept the whole thing to myself and I think that might be why I lost my motivation. This time around I am determined and trying to communicate with others on here to try to keep my motivation levels up and hoping that I can help motivate and support others too so you can add me if you like!
  • KGreen1122
    I just found this app today and am new to it. I have been on the south beach diet leading up to this point. In 5 weeks I've lost 23.5 pounds. That's just changing what I eat...I am never hungry, I must add!! And walking. That's all I've been doing for the most part. But I'm always open for motivational buddies! You can add me too if you'd like!