Run with shin splints?

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I had Sat/Sunday no running. I ran yesterday, and I did much better than I did a week ago monday.

When I got done my calves were like TIGHT and I knew I should have stretched but I was tired so I just went to sleep. Woke up with shin splints. I know it was probably my calves that caused it since my shins were fine before.

My question is should I go running? I kinda don't wanna skip today since I'll be taking wednesday off.


  • liog
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    When I had shin splints a while back, I took about a week off. They were pretty bad and I limped around for a few days. I hated to do it, but the break was worth not injuring myself even more.
  • salemnye
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    Well it kinda hurts. Like I've been stationary on my couch resting my legs with ice packs on my shins and when I get up for the bathroom or something the initial putting my weight on my legs thing hurts. and I just tried some but kicks and those hurt a bit not not excruciating. Hmmmm I'm one to try to tough out the pain B-)
  • isk8nbessy
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    I got them two weeks ago by trying to run HIIT on a treadmill too much too soon. I took a week off and then started off doing cycling and the elliptical until I feel like my shins can handle more. Haven't gotten there yet because the pain is still pretty excruciating.

    I have gotten them before and I was told to push through it. That may have been the worse advice I received as it has caused them to flare up more frequently now. I try to rest them as much as I can. I ice and tape them as well because I don't want it to be the reason or excuse I use when I need to do cardio. I know that probably doesn't help much and I think you'll get different advice from different people. But for me, pushing through it made it worse and stretching, icing and taping has been the only thing to make them feel better.
  • DavPul
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    Maybe take a day or two off and then come back with them taped up. I did this last year and k tape helped a lot.
  • salemnye
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    Thanks everyone for the advice!

    Yeah I've been doing research and they advise taking time off until the pain has subsided. Last week I took Wednesday off as my rest day and Thursday and Friday were worse than Monday/Tuesday. That's why I want to power through but I'd rather not injure myself further.

    My friend who did cross country in H.S. (and runs like 6 miles a day) said there really aren't stretches for your shins, is he correct in this?
  • percycat1
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    I am a new runner and suffered greatly with shin spints a few months ago. I was participating in a running class and one of my coaches suggested rotating my foot to make the alphabet after a run. I also bought compression sleaves to wear on my calves and purchased arch support insoles from a running store. I don't know if the alphabet made a difference in stregthening my calves, but it did help ease the pain. I was also told to give my legs and ice bath after a run, but I never tried this. I don't know if the arch supports have made a difference, but I think the sleaves helped. My coach kept saying that the shin splints would go away once my legs were stronger, and it would usually take about 6 weeks. It took me 7.

    I assume you have good shoes. If not, you might want to get some.

    Hope the pain ends soon.
  • zonderkep
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    Correct there are no stretches for shins. Icing and resting until you are without pain is a good first step.... but

    Shin splints are actually caused because your arches are dropping. The two muscles that are supposed to hold your arch in good form are to weak. There are only two ways to get rid of shin splints. Get better arch supports in your shoes (superfeet or custom orthotics are good), so there is no room for your arch to drop. Or... strengthen those two muscles. I have helped a number of cross country and track athletes get rid of shins splints entirely by having them do their warm up in bare feet.
    Sounds weird but by doing that you are forced to getup on your toes and not hit your heals as much which engages the two muscles holding up the arch. just a few minutes a day will slowly get them strengthened up.

    Be careful though, i would ease into such a task. other problems may arise initially... blisters come to mind. i wouldn't go barefoot on asphalt or concrete. My teams all do their warm up on turf and the track surrounding the turf.
  • MrsSweetT
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    Great advice everyone...I suffer w/my shins hurting for about the first 15 minutes of me walking and then it goes away. I think I'll go out and buy some arch support insoles along w/doing the alphabet rotation and icing them. Hope this helps.

    Good luck to everyone!