Looking for friends!

Hi everyone! My name's Cyndi and I live near Raleigh, NC. I am 31 years old and looking for some people on here who I can connect with to help me be accountable and maybe check in with on a regular basis to help motivate each other and stuff. I am looking to lose about 75 lbs and am just starting out!!

Please let me know if anyone wants to connect....especially in the Raleigh area.

Thanks!! :)



  • magerz18
    magerz18 Posts: 29 Member
    Welcome Cyndi! Feel free to add me, Im here for motivation and support!
  • FitFunTina
    FitFunTina Posts: 282 Member
    Feel free to add me, too! I'm looking to lose about the same amount of weight. I've re-commited to being back on the program, and would love some support!

    I live in upstate NY, but my bro lives in Rocky Mount!
  • Nailrep
    Nailrep Posts: 966 Member
    Add me if you want to! I'm in SC!
  • megray584
    megray584 Posts: 1
    I'm in KY and down 15lbs in 5 weeks! Welcome and good luck!
  • gecho
    gecho Posts: 426 Member
    Don't meet to many Cyndi's that spell their name like i do :happy: friend me if you'd like
  • DocAnneS
    DocAnneS Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Cyndi,
    I don't have quite as far to go, but I have just re committed to get in better nutritional and physical shape... and live in Chapel Hill. Add me..as we can all use the buddy system.
  • Tanig32
    Tanig32 Posts: 110 Member
    Welcome cyndi feel free to add me
  • Welcome!!! This is a great place to get the support and motivation that you need!

    Feel free to add me! :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
  • sent u a friend request
  • cookiefluff
    cookiefluff Posts: 115
    welcome, feel free to add me too :D
  • angela1980r
    angela1980r Posts: 7 Member
    Hi Everyone. My name is Angela, and I'm in the New Forest, UK. Looking to shift the last few pounds now. Could really use some motivation and support, and maybe advice. :0)
  • staryful7
    staryful7 Posts: 35 Member
    Hello everyone that is new. I am will be glad to be a friend, Add me. We can cheer and be accountable, it really does help.