Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana Bites

giantsr1 Posts: 45 Member
I love these on a hot day!

1 Banana - Cut into bit size pieces.
1 Tablespoon dark chocolate chips- melted (20-40 seconds in microwave)

Lay pieces of banana on wax paper. Drizzle chocolate on each piece of banana. Place in freezer until frozen. Enjoy!!

You can use even less than a Tbls. chocolate per banana and still have them taste great!
I usually make a bunch of these and portion control them into freezer bags. My daughters choose these over ice cream now :)


  • dawnmarie57
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    One of my favorites, Nan:)
  • lruff1987
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    Man...that sounds GOOD! I'll have to try that with Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips! Mmm.
  • littlebuddy84
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    I will definitely try that :-)
  • bethmakesmusic
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    That sounds SO good! I'm going to try that tonight, for sure!
  • sbernardy
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    Another good treat too and low in calories is:

    1/2 choc. Graham Cracker sheet... add some lite cool whip and place the other half on top and put in the freezer

    They are delicious.. taste just like a ice sandwich.. just thought I would share.. Now I"m looking forward to trying the banana.. :smile:
  • Trader Joe's also makes these called "Go Bananas" - takes all the work out of it and still as good! 130 calories for 4 pieces
  • giantsr1
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    That sounds yummy too! I will definitely have to make them. Thanks!! Meant to post under the graham sandwich idea :)
  • Bigsexy290
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    Sounds good will have to try this!
  • lainie1949
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    sounds yummy!!
  • Wenchilada
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    Trader Joe's also makes these called "Go Bananas" - takes all the work out of it and still as good! 130 calories for 4 pieces

    I just bought a box of those when I went there with my family this weekend - SO good. First frozen banana I'd ever had, actually. I shared them so I didn't eat the entire box myself (tough not to!) and everyone was just raving over them and how much it tasted like ice cream. $1.99 for a box, not cheaper than doing it yourself, but definitely a great price for the convenience!
  • NatsJorg
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    That sounds great!!
  • dunc289
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    You know, you can just mix mashed banana with unsweetened cocoa powder and freeze to make choc ice cream.

    There's plenty of sugar in the banana, and it feels sort of healthy. Natural sugars and all that.
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    Great idea, will try...
  • StarlaAgain
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    Sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing. :-)
  • Jugie12
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    Man, at first glance I read the title as "Covered in Banana Bites" and all I could think was, "how the hell did you get bit by a banana?!"

    *sigh* This is much more reassuring now.
  • giantsr1
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    LOL - No need to fear the banana :)
  • wendy19671
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    Do you know how many calories?
  • MoreThanMommie
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    Do you know how many calories?

    It would depend on the size banana you used.
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    I'm definitely going to try these!!