Wondering about Stevia....

I'm trying to switch from using so much Splenda to using something more natural. Has anyone had any issues with Stevia? Also known as Truvia or Purevia?



  • kdiamond
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    I love Truvia with my coffee, and sometimes sprinkled over fruit or in yogurt. In my opinion, it tastes exactly like sugar! It is also granular, so it doesn't dissolve in cold drinks like iced tea, but it dissolves fine in coffee. I was forced to go back to Splenda one day over my mother in laws, and it was awful! I couldn't even drink the coffee.
  • SPNLuver83
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    I use Stevia in the Raw and no issues here. I really like it!!!
  • squishycow7
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    Also curious about this.

    Is it *actually* natural?
    Is it *actually* zero calorie, or is it like on other food labels where if the serving size is <5 cals they can just say it's zero? Cause I'm sure the serving size is like a teaspoon, so for baking or whatever it might add up...

  • futuremalestripper
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    It tastes different than Splenda, so you may not care for it as much if you really like Splenda.

    That being said, chemically it's waaaaay better for you.
    Splenda is bad news.
  • 4My40th
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    I use Truvia & love it. :)
  • PunkyRachel
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    I use Stevia in the Raw. I absolutely love it!
  • laddyboy
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    I use Truvia. Love it.

    Did you know splenda is 2 molecules from DDT....the use DDT in pesticides.
  • Nikkerz620
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    I did not like Truvia at all but Stevia in the raw I don't mind and it's like 4 calories for a packet I think, so no it's not calorie free but it's less.
  • Hoakiebs
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    I use Kroger stevia blend and love it.
  • luvinlaurakate
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    I use it as well, mostly for my hot tea. There is a slight taste difference between it and sugar, and I remember it took me a few days to get accustomed to it, but like she said, when I try to use other artificial sugars now, I can't stand them! The only other one that I like is xylitol, which is from the sugars in fruits, but around here it is really hard to find so.. ya. I typically stick with the stevia off brands, since truvia can be pricey.
  • crazedcujo
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    Yes I used Truvia in Ice Tea and everything else.... and it is great!
  • t1nyvessels
    Everything I've read about Stevia has been positive, I saw Jillian Micheals recommend it on "The Biggest Loser," and I've also been using Stevia in the Raw and love it! It is sweeter than sugar, so you may end up using less of it. If anyone is concerned about it not being "natural" out of a packet, you can get a Stevia plant and dry out the leaves and use that instead. I'm pretty sure nothing is truly zero calories if you use enough of it, but no one should have a reason to use so much Stevia it adds very much caloric value to their day.
  • amielizabeth1
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    I have used it for years. In addition, my mom used to grow stevia and we would just eat the leaves like candy!
    Put it in coffee, tea, smoothies. I also stir it into plain, nonfat yogurt for a sweetener. The one thing I don't like it in is coffee, I just can't do it- but I no longer like hot or cold tea with anything except stevia as a sweetener! It is low glycemic and no calories. I suppose you could grow a plant yourself if you wanted to experiment with the leaves. Good luck!
  • myrahonbarrier
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    Splenda caused me to have, for lack of a better term..."black out sessions". I can not use it at ALL. I have been using Stevia in the Raw for probably 6-8 months with no issues at all. It's a Godsend for me.

    I have heard it tastes "different" but I honestly can't tell a difference. I just know that Splenda, to me, is the Devil!
  • mmaddage
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    Great topic! I consume too much splenda, I tried stevia at a friends and couldn't do it. I will try Truvia and see if that is better. The additional chemicals in Splenda are scary, but I cannot have sugar as I am hypoglycemic.
  • B_Running
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    I primarily use sweeteners in my coffee and occasionally in my smoothies .After using Truvia for the past couple years, I recently switched to Stevia and I noticed a distinct difference in the flavor. Although, I only notice the difference in taste when I use it in my coffee. I wouldn't say that Stevia tastes "bad" ...it's just noticeable.
  • amielizabeth1
    amielizabeth1 Posts: 57 Member
    PS, I know everyone is different, but the two times I attempted incorporating Splenda into my diet (this was about 3 years apart, too), I experienced really weird heart or chest muscle pain that I'd never had before nor have had since. Just FYI. I'm really scared of it.
  • Ninalicious
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    I've been curious about Stevia and other sugar substitutes too! I cannot stand aspartame, agghhhghg the aftertaste. I have heard that Stevia has a hint of licorice taste, is that true?
  • TaraFTMVA
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    I just tried this the other day, I bought some Truvia and I love it! I used 1 pack to sweeten my hot tea and it was just enough sweet :). Definitely going to keep using it, I havent tried Stevia yet, but I will when I finish my truvia.
  • muchadoaboutme2000
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    I tried the Truvia and it had an odd taste. I prefer the granular sweetener, rather than the "powdery" ones. Stevia in the raw is my fave, because you don't need to adjust the amount you use. It's spoon to spoon. The Truvia required less of it. Kroger actually has an organic raw sweetener section in their organic department that I love. Make sure it's USDA marked! :) Side note: Baking with Truvia can be odd. Prepare to adjust amounts required. LOL