My Tummy Before and After Pics



  • thewang
    thewang Posts: 71 Member
    There is hope for my after baby belly! Thanks for sharing, I know I would have a hard time even being willing to take picture of mine right now.
  • Thena81
    Thena81 Posts: 1,265 Member
    wonderful work gurlie!! :wink:
  • gorewhore13
    gorewhore13 Posts: 49 Member
    Excuse my french but HOLY ****! You look fantastic!
  • trybabytry
    trybabytry Posts: 181
    WOW. What an inspiration! You look amazing.
  • WhyeatKachra
    WhyeatKachra Posts: 404 Member
    WHAT!!! :noway:

    HOW!! Please share how you executed this Miracle of a thing!
  • cmeade20
    cmeade20 Posts: 1,238 Member
    I used bio oil for about a week and got fed up with it being all on my clothes. They are not visible anymore apart from one of them which is just white, is there any way to fully get rid of stretchmarks?

    cocoa butter worked for the ones onmy boobs but not the ones on my thighs. I've stopped caring.
  • hahandel
    hahandel Posts: 134 Member
    Simply fabulous!!!

    My condolences on your fiancé.
  • monroe61
    monroe61 Posts: 620 Member
    Wow...that is completely amazing!! You look great!
  • brittaney10811
    brittaney10811 Posts: 588 Member
    THAT'S AWESOME!!! That just inspired me!! My stomach looked very much like yours when i started 2 months ago... now it's smaller, but still there. i'm working out 5 days a week right now doing crossfit 4 days and zumba for 1. I have a cruise in 6 months and would love to feel comfortable in a bathing suit!! Thanks so much for posting, it gave me an idea of what i could accomplish by the time i go in 5 months!! :)
  • Oh Wow! What a difference. Great motivation though!:smile:
  • tundeke
    tundeke Posts: 80
    OMG! That is a miracle! Well done girl!
  • SPNLuver83
    SPNLuver83 Posts: 2,050 Member
    great job!!
  • veggiesaurus15
    veggiesaurus15 Posts: 152 Member
  • jadamuriel76
    jadamuriel76 Posts: 58 Member
    Simply amazing! You did a great job!
  • Shrinking_Moody
    Shrinking_Moody Posts: 270 Member
    Amazing job!
  • shanice_22
    shanice_22 Posts: 202 Member
    Wow amazing! And you achieved it with not much exercise? There is hope for me yet!
  • Temple_Fit
    Temple_Fit Posts: 299 Member
  • o2bADyer
    o2bADyer Posts: 208
    Since January!? Holy crap!! Congrats to you!! :happy:
  • ericarae33
    ericarae33 Posts: 211 Member
    You look great! Fantastic job!
  • FrugalMomsRock75
    FrugalMomsRock75 Posts: 698 Member
    WOW! You did that in six months?? Great work!
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