small success 35 pounds lost

the past week I reached 35 pounds lost, for fun tonight I wanted to take pictures with the same clothes I wore during my first picture "before". I'm really in shock now, we sometimes have the impression that it does not show that much, but tonight I'm really pleased with myself that I wanted to share it with you, because it's always motivating to see success. It's just the beginning :)

here a few pictures



  • choppie70
    choppie70 Posts: 544 Member
    Congrats! I would not call 35 pounds a small success, that is a huge success!

    Keep up the great work!
  • danithegirl89
    danithegirl89 Posts: 216 Member
    I can't see the pictures but congratulations on the 35lbs lost!
  • Nica_LosN_It
    Nica_LosN_It Posts: 115 Member
    Congrats on your success! btw; I can't see your pics:frown:
  • caraiselite
    caraiselite Posts: 2,631 Member
    can't see ;(
  • inittothinit42
    inittothinit42 Posts: 64 Member
    I can't see the pictures, either, but I agree with the poster who said 35 pounds lost is a huge success! Good for you!
  • Hairista
    Hairista Posts: 86
    I can't see the pics. But congrats to you! 35lbs is a BIG success!
  • that's so weid because i did not change anything in the url gonna try something else
  • caraiselite
    caraiselite Posts: 2,631 Member is way better
  • dejatyja
    dejatyja Posts: 109 Member
    congrats.....35lbs is not small at all. That's a huge success
  • KimL122
    KimL122 Posts: 148 Member
    Can't see the pics either, but congrats on the 35 lb loss and I agree with everyone else that is definitely a big success.
  • now it's work ! yay :)
  • tropika
    tropika Posts: 21
    WOW!!!!! amazing :D keep up the good work !
  • tropika
    tropika Posts: 21
    and its not a small success. it's a huge one :)
  • Steph_135
    Steph_135 Posts: 3,309 Member
    Hey! You are looking much more fit! I would not say that 35 lbs is a small success by any means! I'm still trying to hit the 30 mark since joining MFP! :bigsmile: Good for you!
  • dorothytd
    dorothytd Posts: 1,138 Member
    Great progress! Not a "small" accomplishment at all!
  • TinaBaily
    TinaBaily Posts: 822 Member
    I would say that 35 lbs is no small success at all. That's a BIG success! I can really see a noticeable difference around your torso, and your thighs. The top that fit like a second skin is now loose on you and baggy around your torso. That's a huge difference! Keep up your hard work, as it's paying off! I bet you feel so much better too.
  • thank you everybody :)