Regular yogurt or Greek yogurt?



  • Greek yogurt is full of protein so it's great to eat it for a snack with fruit. I get the fat free plain from Fage or Chobani. They make fat free ones with fruit etc. but they are loaded with sugar. I prefer the plain FF and add blueberries or fresh raspberries to it. It's creamy and a bit more tart but it tastes very good and again full of protein.
  • WilliamsPeggy
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    I prefer cherry pomegranate fruit-on-the-bottom greek yogurt by yoplait.
  • SunShineBeastess
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    Chobani and Dannon Okios fruit on the bottom 0% fat are very good - I can not eat the plain....I can use it in place of sour cream..I find if I exercise that the extra calories are not a problem and I get the boost in protien count.
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    I like Chobani and strawberry-banana is my favorite, the kids very berry is good also....
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    I used to only eat regular yogurt. Then I tried Greek and can't stand the taste and texture of regular yogurt now.
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    Greek, all the way. It took me a little while to get into it-not going to lie. But you can't deny the nutritional punch this stuff packs. It has way less sugar (which is really what has made most of us fat), and you can sweeten with berries. I love adding berries to it. I also love it on my baked potato instead of sour cream. The plain variety is a better choice over sweetned, flavored when it comes to nutrition for sure.

    Like the other ladies have said-it's much more filling than regular yogurt too! Perfect protein to match up with your complex carbo to keep that metabolism burning!
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    I love plain Greek yogurt. Plain and simple, it has more protein. To add flavor and to make it more like a parfait, I'll add fruit and Kashi Go Lean Crunch (instead of granola). It tastes great and the Kashi gives it a little sweetness.
  • Greek yogurt is one of THE healthiest yogurts out there, if not the top one. It has plenty of protein and fiber withOUT a TON of sugar or sodium. And the calories are low as well!

    The only REAL greek yogurt that is available is the one called Fage. Chobani is Turkish and Oikos is American based, although they both are labeled Greek,

    So try and get some Fage! I love to eat it with some blueberries and a little bit of honey!

    Source: Greek-American
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    I didn't like the taste at first, but if you are willing to try several brands then you may find the right greek yogurt for you. It's all I eat now. I personally love the Pineapple one from chobani. I find that the amount of fruit included in chobani is just enough to take the bite out of the greek yogurt.
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    I know greek yogurt is best for you but I prefer regular yogurt.
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    Greek yogurt is hands down my favorite - I love how easily it can go savory or sweet! Just this morning I had Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt with a little honey, blueberries and strawberries and some granola - great hot summer breakfast! But it's great in place of mayonnaise or sour cream in a lot of circumstances too (slaws, tuna salad, etc.).
  • I am eating Chobani Greek Yogurt (Black Cherry) as I type this message. It's thicker and creamier than regular yogurt. Zero fat, 140 calories and 14g or protein. I have never been a yogurt eater, but I can stomach this one. :o)
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    I bated Greek yogurt the first couple times I tried it but now I love it! Instill eat regular every now and then but I prefer my Greek yogurt (best with some fruit added in :) )
  • I like Greek Yogurt because it is thicker and more filling, but sometimes it does taste a little too sour creamy to me lol.
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    Greek is the shiz! Fage is the best, imo, but Chobani is OK too. Stay away from Stonyfield Farms....runny.
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    I am not a HUGE fan of yogurt. The only one I really like is Carbmaster (sold at Kroger). I have tried Greek yogurt and think it tastes like vomit. Harsh? Yes, but you asked.
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    Greek!! I love it with honey, almonds, and berries. Mmmmmm...
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    I use greek yogurt for everything! I love it !
    Taste awesome.. way better for you than regular yogurt... good alternative in cooking/baking or in other meals( i use it as sour cream now and its amazing)

    get the plain ! can't stress enough plain non fat and rev up the taste with fresh fruit and other things
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    I don't understand so many people saying greek yogurt tastes nasty. Chobani has some awesome flavors. Plain greek yogurt is not great to eat plain, but can be used in place of mayo and sour cream in mexican dishes and salads and suchs. vanilla greek yogurt, along with other flavors are delish, and pack so much more protein than regular yogurt. It's all I eat.
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    Either is good for me, but then I do put a blob of honey in it to sweeten it. not a lot, and then add to granola n berries.