One year later (Before/After pic).....

Here you go folks, it's officially been a year since the photo on the left was taken. This picture was the straw that broke the camel's back and finally got me motivated to change my lifestyle and get healthier and more fit. The photo was taken at US Youth Soccer's Region II Championships in 2011. The photo on the right was taken this year at the same tournament. Sorry I don't have two similar poses but I think you can get the idea from these two shots.

I've been in maintenance mode for close to 6 months, although it's really not just a keep things as they are mode. I'm still working to add more muscle and trim down my Body Fat. I'm down to 9% BF and a very healthy BMI of 22.5. What's really been noticeable is my performance on the field. Not only do I have more endurance during the games, my speed has significantly improved. I received a lot of great feedback on my fitness this year during the tournament and where last year I was referred to as one of "us bigger guys", this year I was referred to as "you athletic freaks". I'll take that!!



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