eating less doing excerise struggle to lose even 1lb a week

i am eating on average 1400 calories a day. i excerise - 45min walk three times a week, 10 min jog (in place) at least 4 times a week and i am struggling to lose 1lb a week. can anyone help me. is it because i am on depro prov (injections for the pill) is this what is stopping me losing weight


  • I'm on depro too, up your exercise maybe? See depo makes me gain weight and so does insulin from having diabetes, so I've learned to always enjoy and try to exercise as much as possible. I haven't gained any weight from either lately, or I have but I've worked it off. Not sure.
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    The depo might have a little to do with it, but shouldn't be all of it. What types of food are you eating? I know that when I eat anything with sugar, it doesn't matter how little I eat, I don't lose. I also know that for some people, wheat and gluten products can do the same thing...good luck! it sounds like you have the exercise going!
  • i was told by nurse to lose at least 10kgs but she never said it would be this hard to lose weight.
  • weetabix for breakfast sandwich for lunch and normal dinner never snack throughout the day only ever drink water
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    depo doesn't make you gain in itself, it increases your appetite which makes you want to eat more. I was on it for a few years too. Have you had your thyroid tested? I'm hypothyroid and I lost a lb a month with busting my butt the same way.
  • will have to ask when i next go to see nurse (not till august) just wish i could lose a bit more each week
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    dr wouldn't put me on depo because i am already overweight. he said people generally gain 10 lbs or so by being on it.
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    If you open your diary we can have a look.... I'm stuck at the moment too and asked for some advice today at the gym... this is what I was told

    "up your water intake"
    "Two meals a day is not enough with the amount of cardio you do girl you should be on 5 small meals - how im gonna do that I don't know!"
    "eat more, you don't eat enough"
    "try some weights training"
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    i am eating on average 1400 calories a day. i excerise - 45min walk three times a week, 10 min jog (in place) at least 4 times a week and i am struggling to lose 1lb a week. can anyone help me. is it because i am on depro prov (injections for the pill) is this what is stopping me losing weight

    I don't think that's the problem. I am actually having the same issue and I'm not on depo prov. I've exercised SOOO much in 5 days, and I've gained 1 lb, and haven't lost anything. I've tried researching this myself yesterday, and I'm pretty sure it's just that I'm eating too little. I'm going to try and eat back at least half my calories every day from exercise, and see if this helps. If you want you can friend me and I will keep you updated on how my progress goes. :)
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    Oh I use depo too btw....
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    Make sure your intake of calories or nutrients are NOT below your BEE. (This is the minimum calories needed to sustain normal body function. ) The BEE is determined by using the Harris Benedict Equation. Once you have that as a base, you should NEVER drop below those calories unless under the advise of a physician. Adding your activity will give you additional calories based on how active and how frequently active you are. This is referred to as total calories. Any caloric intake that falls between the BEE and the total calories is safe for weight loss and will still allow for muscle gain provided your protein intake is adequate and contains all of your Essential amino acids.

    Here is a link to determine your BEE and total calories.

    Also eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day. Weight loss is as much about consistent sugar/insulin levels as calories. Drink lots of water to add volume in your stomach to help avoid that empty feeling.
    Somebody on a 1500 calorie diet for example should eat 3 meals of 300 kcals each and 3 snacks of 100 kcals. each
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    do you think it might be your metabolism? mine is pretty slow. i eat pretty healthy, cook lots of veggies and protein. but it takes me forever to loose a pound. I excersize a lot which makes me gain muscle
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    Are you eating a good 1400 calories? If you'd like, make your diary public. There are a lot of people here with good things to offer as far as help, comments and critique. :)
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    Depo caused me to gain weight initially and although I have not gained any more weight it has made it very hard for me to loose even with a better diet and regular excercise. Most doctors will tell you this is one of the side effects. :-(

    The way I see it is the only option would be to come off of Depo to see the weight drop but for me that is not a realistic option right now.

    Good Luck to you!
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    Actually I think your better off losing 1 lb a week. It's a healthy way and more sustainable in the long run. I think it will be easier to maintain. Try changing up your diet and exercise. You need to challenge yourself.
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    Did you measure your waist? hips? etc?
    Maybe you are losing inches and not weight? (losing fat and gaining muscle) that may be it?
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    It could be the shot or it could be what you are eating. MFP tells me that I can only lose a max of 1.4 pounds a week. Honestly, it is probably 1 lb a week and when I'm not being very careful it has historically been 0.5 pounds a week.

    The hormones in the shot are tricking your body into thinking it is pregnant, so you are going to retain water and have difficulty losing weight. It is also labeled a Class I carcinogen by the World Health Organization and can cause strokes, etc.

    I don't know how tall you are or what your lowest calorie count that you can safely eat. MFP tells me that mine is 1200. So I aim for that and at least an hour of exercise a day. At least really, but I've got one of those stubborn famine survival body types that just wants to hold on to weight for dear life.
  • i am abit confused. when i excerise i lose about 400-500 calories a day. am i supposed to eat back these calories. is that not defecting the object. if i eat more wont i gain more. is my net calories supposed to be around 1400 as at the moment my calorie intake is about 1300-1400 and net intake is 800-900. is this where i am going wrong
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    It's hard to really help when we can't see your diary.
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    It's hard to really help when we can't see your diary.

    Yes it would help!