17 Day Diet

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I got all he information and I am shopping for the 17 Day Diet that I will start on Monday. Who out there has done it? Advice? Anything you can tell me will help. :)


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    Haven't heard of it, what's involved?
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    It's based on 4 cycles of training your body to burn the fat, eat healthier(proteins and veggies)..first cycle looks like the detoxing level...eating no sugars...lots of protein such as chicken, fish, eggs and veggies and selected fruit...green tea also...I got the book at Barnes and NOble today.
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    My advice is to get some great recipes to help you get through! In my opinion the first 17 days are pretty tough. I am just a few days into cycle one. I also have had to cheat a little bit go keep myself at 1200 calories because I was getting way less than that just on the plan. There are great recipes if you google 17 day diet pinterest and the doctors (tv show) has great recipes on their site. Hope this helps!
  • I lost 17 pounds on it during the first 2 cycles last spring. I didn't think it was bad at all. I got to my goal of 142. I maintained that loss through the summer, but unfortunately I gained a lot of weight over the winter due to making poor choices/stress eating. Just started again yesterday since I had such success in the past. Good luck to you! Some of my favorites were:

    I used the Dannon Oikos yogurts (vanilla, raspberry, key lime).

    I added cocoa powder (unsweetened) with Truvia to plain Greek yogurt to make a chocolate cheesecake tasting dessert for myself.

    I put the lemon directly into my first cup of green tea each morning (Lipton cranberry-pomegranate).

    I drank a lot of True Lemon in place of some of the water.

    I had coffee with a splash of 1% every day.

    A few times I had string cheese in cycle 1 to prevent myself from going off the diet. It really helped.

    I let myself have a diet soda every day.

    *None of these things prevented me from having success of the diet.