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I was just wondering if anyone here has had an ovarian cyst? There's a history of this in my family as well as endometriosis and though I've never had one I think I might have one now. I'm experiencing cramplike/stabbing pain on my lower left side as well nausea and bathroom issues. Is this worth a doctors visit? If so what kind of treatment can or will they do? Thanks in advance!


  • caraiselite
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    if the pain persists, then yeah, go to the doctors.
  • IveLanded
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    Have you thought about gall stones? :(

    I would say if it lasts more than a day or two, go in.
  • wgn4166
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    If it is a stabbing pain, I say yes, go to the doctor.
  • cmeade20
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    It could be one. Call the gyn's office tomorrow describe it to them and see what they think is my best advice.
  • Dethea
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    Definitely go to the Dr. That could be many things, including appendicitis, gall stones, kidney stones, or ovarian cysts.
  • Gidzmo
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    If there was a history of this in my family, Bailey, I'd go. Because of that family history, you might well be at risk, so have it checked out.
  • BaileyBoo13524
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    Thanks ladies ive had my gallbladder out so I'm not thinking gall stones. I've also heard there's not much that can be done for a cyst and that most times the doc will just let it run it's course. It's definitely down low where my cramps are during TOM. I've told my mom about my symptoms and she just thinks I'm a baby and down plays it. Definitely calling the gyno tomorrow!
  • randomnennie
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    I had one (along with a stomach ulcer at the same time). For the cyst, I guess it wasn't crazy big or a threat because they told me that nature could run its course. Which it did and went away. But yes, I would go to the Dr to see what's going on and if there needs to be action taken. Good luck hun!
  • 519harley
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    I agree, please go to the doctors.
  • lindsy721
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    I've had one follicular cyst (this is different from the cysts experienced by women with PCOS, I do not have PCOS). And no treatment was required. Basically, I got my period one month and I had this lop-sided cramping. It felt like menstrual cramps, except over near my left ovary. So I went to the doctor. She said it was the fluid that causes the pain, and that I might feel it even down a little into my leg, it could radiate around to my back, wherever the fluid leaked to. It did resolve on its own, and I haven't had any more.
    The doctor did feel around inside me, checking for any abnormal lumps or anything, but she didn't find any. I'd say go ahead and see your doctor, and they'll *probably* tell you it's fine, just to watch it and make sure it doesn't get worse.
  • Kirsty_UK
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    could be all sorts of things, passing a kidney stone, a kidney infection, back problems, gallstones, ovaries, or, it could be nothing at all

    don't second guess it, get it checked out
  • SuziQueue
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    I had an ovarian cyst the size of an orange and I knew something wasn't right. It wasn't only the pain, but it was pinching (twisting), and I felt so tired and just "not normal". If you think your body feels abnormal and you have unusual pain, by all means, go to the doctor.

    They removed mine via laparoscopic surgery which is minimally invasive and only required 3 small incisions. Recovery was fast - back to work after a week. Of course it heals a lot faster on the outside than on the inside, so you have to take it somewhat easy for a while.
  • mzabicki
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    i would definitely go to the doctors! Usually they will see how big the cyst is via an ultra sound. I was put on a medication because mine aren't too bad and usually take care of themselves, if it's too serious they may operate, but that is for very serious cases. It could be something as simple as ovulation, you never know, but if you leave it unchecked you can end up making something that is nothing turn into something big.
  • lilmisfit
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    Could be a cyst, but it also be endo, since you have a history of both in your family. It could also be a number of other things, as previous posters have mentioned.

    I would make an appt. with your gyne ASAP. As a woman who has had 2 laparscopic surgeries (including a hysterectomy) and been diagnosed with endometriosis, uterine fibroids, adenomyosis, pelvic congestion syndrome, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic inflammatory disease, I can tell you that pelvic pain is NOTHING to take lightly!!! I went through years of pain and suffering because I thought it was "normal" pain that a woman experiences. It was not.
  • Alyssa_Is_LosingIt
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    Have you thought about gall stones? :(

    I would say if it lasts more than a day or two, go in.

    I'm not being rude, but gall stone pain is in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen.

    I would def go to the doctor. Given your family history, they may order an ultrasound. If it is a small cyst, they may just wait it out. Generally, the pain comes with cysts rupturing. I have had those kind, but they went away when my doctor put me on birth control. Larger cysts usually require surgery, but they may not have any pain associated with them.

    Bottom line, go to the doctor! They can advise you on the treatment you need and rule out more dangerous conditions.
  • quill16
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    I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and endimetriosis, and irregular periods since the age of 16 ( iam now 55) They were diagnosed thru a laparasopic surgery when I was trying to get pregnant at age 30-35. I went thru 5 years of fertility treatments.Against all odds, I now have a son who is 21. Only a doctor can diagnose this and also can help with pain meds. Most of those years I was on birth control pills as a treatment.