I have lost an Average Human Leg! What have you lost?



  • MaraDiaz
    MaraDiaz Posts: 4,604 Member
    I'm a few ounces away from a small bale of hay. Since I used to haul those around when we had horses, I know that's a whole lot of extra weight I'm no longer hauling around on me!
  • miracole
    miracole Posts: 492 Member
    a mid size microwave and a guinea pig! (though I generally avoid putting those two things together...)
  • BaDaSsBrUnEtTe
    BaDaSsBrUnEtTe Posts: 518 Member
    An average housecat....lol
  • NebraskaBBW
    NebraskaBBW Posts: 29 Member
    I have lost 10 dozen eggs
  • Cold_Steel
    Cold_Steel Posts: 897 Member
    Every time I see this list I am at a different weight lost... every time it is something retarded...

    150 pounds = the complete Oxford English Dictionary
  • chicky26
    chicky26 Posts: 127 Member
    a bald eagle, a sperm whales brain and an elephants penis!! ha ha ha hilarious!
  • MelisRunning
    MelisRunning Posts: 819 Member
    A baby giraffe!
  • I lost a leg....wonder if I can lose an arm too? :wink:
  • ipsamet
    ipsamet Posts: 436 Member
    An irish setter!
  • Sunscreenandsweat
    Sunscreenandsweat Posts: 190 Member
    66 pounds = fats and oils an average American eats in a year
  • ashprather
    ashprather Posts: 227 Member
    10 dozen large eggs... didn't know so few eggs could weigh 15 lbs... are they ostrich eggs? hah.
  • teacupowl
    teacupowl Posts: 104
    I've lost one human head since joining MFP! Overall, I've dropped a tire. :D

    I'm heading towards the World's Largest Ball of Tape!
  • JmeJinxx
    JmeJinxx Posts: 210 Member
    The last time I saw this floating around, I'd lost an auto tire, now I'm up to an elephant's heart!
  • soxx226
    soxx226 Posts: 89 Member
    Almost a elephant penis
  • Sister_Someone
    Sister_Someone Posts: 567 Member
    The amount of cheese an average American eats in a year.
  • britfout
    britfout Posts: 86 Member
    An average 2 year old and a guinea pig hooray!!!!
  • go4itjoanna
    go4itjoanna Posts: 69 Member

    I have lost an an elephant’s penis & 2 guinea pigs since I gave birth to my son.
    or a 9 pound baby and a hell of a lot of fat.
  • Redapplecandie
    Redapplecandie Posts: 171 Member
    An average Fashion Model.... lol
  • stpetegirl
    stpetegirl Posts: 241
    The chemical additives a human eats in a year....
  • SmartWhatever
    SmartWhatever Posts: 718 Member
    I've lost the worlds largest ball of tape. Lol!