Are the excercise numbers on myfitnesspal right?

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First post. First time dieting. My wife and I are dieting together on this site and she is more experienced than me with dieting, and she wonders if the exercise numbers on this site are too generous. So, what do you all think?



  • dbevisjr
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    Personally I think the calorie burn numbers for exercise on MFP are a tad high. I only say this because of comparisons to other similar websites. I checked out several when I was trying to decide which to use. I like the format of MFP better but did notice that while other websites are fairly close on calorie burn numbers MFP was somewhat higher.
  • linwaggs
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    It depends. If you set youself up as "moderately" or "very" active, I wouldn't even add exercise calories b/c those are going to already be figured in. Overall, I think they are pretty accurate though, as long as you aren't half-a$$ing it (i.e. If you can talk to yoir neighbor or on the phone when doing elliptical machine, you aren't burning as much as you think you are)
  • mitchipooo
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    They do seem a bit on the high side, I generally adjust them down by 20ish percent. Although today it gave me 241 calories for 45 minutes of yoga. I know it's yoga but I was working hard and SWEATING, so that one might have been on the lowish side.
  • Diem78
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    For me, YES.. Wayyyy too generous. I consider my heart rate monitor to be quite a bit more accurate!
  • Preacher224
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    Some seem accurate, some too high and some too low. I am going to get a new HRM that has calories burned on it. But in the mean time, if I have any doubt I will use the following link to double check.... Hope this helps!
  • Thanks for the input everybody.